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Why a Hire Car Might be better for you

Posted by cymone on May 21, 2015

Many people overlook the fact that a hire car can come cheap yet have so many different uses. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a hire car next time you're going on those long distance journeys.

Most Magical Places in Wales

Posted by cymone on May 20, 2015

Wales has always been famous for being the land of the dragons and magic dating back to its Celtic tribes such as the Ordovices of the south.

Remote Scotland Road Trip This Summer

Posted by cymone on May 20, 2015

With this summer being the "hottest on record" it's going to be full of holiday makers flocking to the shores of every major tourist destination in the UK. If you're the kind of person that likes there tranquillity then here is our road trip pick of the best places you can travel to in a motorhome and embrace the stunning scenery and the perfect Scottish climate.