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Introducing the All New Roller Team Pegaso 740

Posted by cymone on May 29, 2018

At Priory Rentals, our fleet of luxury motorhomes is second to none. The majority of our models are less than four years old and we constantly refresh our fleet so that our customers get to enjoy the very latest in style, accommodation and technology. With this being the case, we're proud to introduce to you the most recent addition to our fleet; the very latest Roller Team Pegaso 740,

Cut the Cost of camping with Dog Friendly Motorhomes

Posted by cymone on May 23, 2018

Dog owners everywhere know how heartwrenching a family holiday can be. On one hand, a summer break with your family is likely to be something you've been looking forward to for months, but on the other, your four legged family member, who takes daily joy in simply being around his or her adopted 'pack', will have to be sent away to a kennel or a stranger's house. How do you make him understand that it's only for a while, that he's not been abandoned by the family he loves? It's a holiday for you, but to him, it's banishment.

Ex Hire Motorhomes For Sale – Try before you buy

Posted by cymone on May 22, 2018

Our fleet is under constant rotation and renewal, so even if you've not seen your preferred model in our list of ex hire motorhomes for sale, this list can change at any time, so it's worth bookmarking our motorhomes for sale page and checking back often.

Where will your Wanderlust take you this Summer?

Posted by cymone on May 15, 2018

As the weather starts to turn and we're finally seeing some early sunshine, and our thoughts naturally turn to travel, to summertime adventure, to exploration and to Wanderlust. Perhaps you've hibernated for the winter and now that it's starting to become a pleasure to be outdoors again, now's the time to find out what parts of the world's sky you'll spend your free time travelling beneath. From the first time you step outside the familiar, you risk being infected with a desire to explore. To see the world anew and to visit places to which you've never previously travelled. They say travel broadens the mind and like all things, when stretched too far, your broadened mind will never return to how it was before. This is a good thing!

New To Motorhomes? – Experience Vanlife For Yourself

Posted by cymone on May 10, 2018

One of the main advantages a luxury motorhome has over caravans an campervans is the quality of the accommodation. Vanlife in a Priory Motorhome means having all the comforts of your house, but smaller and more mobile. Expect a bathroom with a toilet and shower, expect a fully equipped but compact kitchen. Expect a comfortable, tastefully laid out lounge area complete with TV and expect to sleep in a comfortable bed - no inflatable mattress needed! A luxury motorhome is a tinyhome in every sense, a mini-suite where you get to choose the view you wake up to.