With Easter half term fast approaching we know some of you will be hiring a motorhome and heading across Europe. So we have put together some tops tips to remember before you start your motorhome road trip across Europe.

road trip

Driving around Europe is relatively easy. Outside of the UK almost every country drives on the right and many of the borders no longer exist so there is no waiting or visa checks. Not only is a motorhome one of the best tools for independent travel, but a road trip can also prove to be the cheapest way to visit Europe’s most famous cities,

Why hire a motorhome?

The best way to travel around Europe is by motorhome. Many people enjoy motorhome road trips around Europe every year. A motorhome is not always everyone’s first choice but it gives a freedom unparalleled by any other vehicle. Some people travel by car but with such a small space, even sitting in traffic jams can get stressful. In a motorhome, you can prepare and cook your own food. Think of the money you can save on basics such as coffees and teas at each service station you visit for petrol. Travelling in a motorhome makes life much easier for you and your family.

At Priory Rentals we allow all of our motorhomes to travel across Europe providing you let us know in advance. This way we can advise you on the best campsites to park at overnight as we have a list of places where motorhomes can be parked and slept in for free, called Aires. Suddenly the road trip has just got a lot cheaper, with only fuel and food costs you will now have a few more Euros to spend.

Which motorhome would suit you best?

When deciding on which motorhome would suit you best it’s important to consider fuel efficiency and comfort. You will need to choose once that has room for all your family. The larger the family the bigger the motorhome you will need. Take a look at our full range of motorhomes online and pick out the one that suits you best. Once you have decided on your motorhome you now need to decide on where it is you will actually be going, so with that in mind here are a couple of options for you to travel to.

The El Classico Tour

The El Classico road trip is ideal for any family who is looking for a short holiday is to visit France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany across a week or longer. This road trip tour is possible from most UK east coast ports. Take in Bruges, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Lille in a circular tour and enjoy a road trip of four different culinary countries.

If you enjoy trying out famous beer and chocolate tasting then this is the ideal road trip for you. Make sure you have space in your motorhome to bring some back. If you have a family with children an ideal time to try this trip is during the summer holidays.

Historical Tour

Anyone with more time on their hands should attempt the ultimate road trip, a European ‘Grand Tour’. If you don’t have children this route is perfect for you. You can even bring your pets along with you for the ride in our of our pet friendly motorhomes .This route will take you through France and Italy in search of art, culture and the roots of Western civilisation. Whilst some travellers made it as far as Greece or Sicily, most travelled North after Rome heading for the Alps before returning home. Whilst France and Italy still feature in most modern day Grand Tours, the countries travelled have become more extensive. The four compass points of mainland Europe are a popular option where road trippers drive North to Norway, Turkey, Southern Sicily, and Southern Spain and Portugal.

With all the history packed up in one tour, it’s a perfect route for adults to take advantage of their love for art.