What to do in between Christmas & New Year

Christmas & New Year – What to do in between?

The shops are already full of red and gold as we’re all being encouraged to start our Christmas shopping. It’s a time of year where gifts have to be bought, friends and families have to be visited, houses have to be decorated, parties attended and opulent meals planned. The race to the December 25th finish line can be frantic and frankly, exhausting, but once the big day is over with, there’s a whole week to wait before New Year. Will you spend it in front of the TV eating left over turkey while the kids play with the boxes their presents came in? Or will you do something a little more interesting instead?


Book an end of Year Motorhome Break to Keep Boredom at Bay

At Priory we have a far better suggestion as to what you should do in that lost week between Christmas & New Year. Why not book a luxury motorhome, get out and explore while everyone else is hibernating?

You’ll have spent a few weeks eating and drinking a bit too much, so rather than stay at home finishing off the Quality Street, get out into the world and take the time to enjoy the bracing fresh air, the peace and quiet and, of course, enjoy a few tranquil walks to help burn off some of those mince pies! Isn’t that a better option than sitting at home watching endless James Bond re-runs?


Why Exploring Between Christmas & New Year Makes Sense

The schools are closed and most people have at least some time off work, but tend to spend it at home. This means that most of the roads will be clear, most natural beauty spots deserted and for a few days in between Christmas & New Year, you’ll be able to have most overnight stops, beauty spots and campsites more or less all to yourself. After the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas, getting away from everything and everyone for a few nights is a welcome respite and a chance to enjoy some genuine peace and a quiet on your own terms. Miles from anyone an anything if you so choose.

Imagine waking up in a luxury motorhome, in the middle of nowhere, warm, cosy and peaceful. Imagine cooking yourself a nice breakfast, putting on your big coat, your hat and your scarf and then stepping out into a winter wonderland you have all to yourself. Picture your breath forming a cloud in front of you as you take a stroll through the silent woods on a bright crisp morning. Surely this is the kind of experience that makes you glad to be alive and certainly a better way to spend the period between Christmas & New year than spending a full day in your pyjamas back home!


Take advantage of our Christmas & New Year Offer

While Christmas & New Year are particularly expensive times of year, the bit in the middle needn’t be. We want our lovely customers to get out and see the world more, so we’ve put together a very special offer to help you do just that and for less than you’d expect.

To help you get the most out of the week between Christmas & New Year, we’re offering a fixed 3 night break in one of our luxury motorhomes from the 27th to the 30th of December at a much lower price than even our off-season rates.

Book now to treat yourself to a bit of mid holiday tranquility. An end of year motorhome adventure also makes for a fabulous Christmas gift for that awkward loved one for whom you never know what to buy.


Christmas & New Year Offer