Explore the Isle of Anglesey

Tucked up in the Northwestern corner of Wales, The Isle Of Anglesey is an easily overlooked attraction with its own microclimate, heritage and things to see. With idyllic scenery, sandy beaches and weather that seems unusually warm for its location, Anglesey is a solid choice to take your Priory motorhome on a voyage of discovery.


Ancient buildings

Just like Scotland, you can’t travel far in Wales without practically falling over a castle. Anglesey is no exception, featuring ancient castles aplenty, in various states of repair. The 13th century Beaumaris castle is well worth seeking out.  The South Stack Lighthouse is a slightly less ancient (only just over 100 years old), but no less interesting edifice located off the coast of Holyhead. Accessed by a sometimes steep flight of stairs zig-zagging their way down the cliffs. You may spot giant ferries on their way to and from Ireland and also make sure you keep an eye out for Puffins who might be nesting nearby.


Take the coastal path

Anglesey has a 125 mile long coastal path that keen walkers and geologists, archaeologists and ornithologists alike will find rewarding. Bring your walking shoes and wrap up warm for a stroll in the bracing sea air.


Browse the Farmers Market

On the third Saturday of each month, it’s well worth tracking down the Anglesey Farmers market. You’ll find Welsh Black Beef, handmade artisan cheeses and the freshest of fresh catches from the sea. Be warned though, you’ll never want to get your ‘fresh’ produce from a supermarket ever again!


Breathe in the sea air on the beach

With a multitude of award winning beaches, Anglesey is a great place to enjoy getting a little sand between your toes. It’s not just about the sand and the sea though. If you’re lucky, you stand a chance of spotting seals and dolphins off the shore.


The may not be much gold in those hills, but there’s plenty of copper!

In the 1800’s, Anglesey had the largest copper mine in the World. There’s a wealth for the avid historians amongst you to discover about the Welsh ‘Copper Rush’, which was every bit as chaotic as the American old Rush, but with fewer movies made about it!


See the sea Zoo

A great day out for the little ones, the Anglesey Sea Zoo Aquarium is as educational as it is charming, giving a glimpse into the local sealife offshore. A life sized basking shark is a real pièce de résistance, showig the sheer size of the world’s second biggest fish!


With so much to see and do in Anglesey, we’ve only just scratched the surface. Have you visited anywhere worthy of a mention, please share it with your fellow motorhome enthusiasts below!