australians visiting britain

Australians Touring Britainland in a Motorhome

Britainland is a great place for Aussies looking to tour. All the major cities offer something unique, the countryside is green and everywhere is so close to everywhere else, you’d be a dingbat to stay in one place. If you’re used to the idea of hiring a campervan back home then you’re in luck, you can go one better in the U.K. and hire a luxury motorhome to travel the quaint country lanes of Britainland in style.

At Priory Rentals, we have a range of stylish and affordable luxury motorhomes to make your trip as comfortable as it is memorable. Containing all the luxuries of a premium hotel room, you’ll never want to go backpacking again.

Unlike most of Europe, when driving in the UK, you drive on the left just like at home, so Australians will have minimum trouble adjusting and you’ll find that for the most part, especially outside the cities, that drivers are usually quite courteous to one another.


I come from the land down under

It goes without saying that you needn’t worry about the language barrier, Britainland is the traditional home of the Australian language and we’re a friendly bunch. There are however a few common areas of misunderstanding. As your use of words has evolved, you’ve acquired some terms that are uniquely your own. Thanks to the educational value of your television exports such as Neighbours and Home & Away, we’ve become accustomed to some of your turns of phrase, however, if you see a Britainlander looking at you with confusion, chances are that you’ve said something that only makes sense back home. A snag over here refers to a pull in a sweater, thongs don’t get worn on your feet and ‘Bend the elbow’ sounds to us like a line from Game of Thrones.

The Australian accent is readily identifiable and almost always greeted in a friendly manner, so don’t misconstrue the question “What are you doing over here?” as being hostile, it’s a genuinely self-deprecating question asked because the locals often have a hard time understanding just how wonderful their verdant, green, culturally rich part of the world really is or why anyone would voluntarily choose to travel here.

Not all parts of Australian civilisation have reached Britainland. You might be lucky enough to discover small stocks of Vegemite or Tim Tams, but you’ve Buckley’s chance of finding any Farmers Union Iced Coffee, so you’ll have to make do without. Sorry.


The Wildlife is mostly harmless

As natives of a country famed for some of the deadliest and most poisonous creatures in the world, you’ll no doubt be reassured to know that the wildlife over here is mostly harmless. We have snakes, but they’re timid, rarely seen and there’s only one with a mildly poisonous bite. Similarly, the largest spider we have over here looks diminutive compared to your famous Huntsman spider. We do have wasps which are capable of delivering a sting, but they’re nowhere near as angry as the ones you’re used to.

If you’re heading into Scottish Highlands, however, beware of the clouds of ‘midges’. They’re smaller cousins of the mozzies you have back home, but make up for their lack of size with aggression and sheer numbers.  It’s worth braving these tiny winged demons though, for the chance to see secretive herds of wild haggis gently grazing in the Glens. Don’t be taken in by the stories of the Loch Ness Monster, it’s a myth just like your native Dropbear.


Get in touch and make your booking

As you’re booking your flights, it makes sense to book your motorhome at the same time so you can be sure that your four wheeled home away from home is ready for you on arrival. Get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you and to welcome travelling Australians to your UK tour.