The schools have not been back long but before you know it, it will be October half term, so time to get planning your get away. October brings mid autumn views followed by majestic beautiful amber scenery. We at Priory Rentals thought it was only fair to name you some of the most beautiful places to be this autumn. Look at what the UK can offer the motorhome holidaymaker.

Sea Side – Oban, Argyll, West Highlands

Autumn half term - Oban, Argyll, West Highlands

The village of Oban its self is located in the more northern areas of Scotland. Its costal location looking out of the various islands gives beautiful sites of blue waters, orange and green islands and snow capped trees. Views like these make everybody a morning person.

North Ledaig Caravan Club Site is the best autumn motorhome campsite in the area. If offers all of the same views and overlooks the estuary at the same time as it is slightly north of the village. The 30-acre site has all of the necessities such as electric hook ups and waste disposal on site. North Ledaig also happens to be one of few motorhome campsites in the area that remains open in the autumn time and shares the beautiful views that Oban has to offer.

Pine Forest – Galloway Forest Park

Autumn half term Pine Forest - Galloway Forest Park

Galloway Forest Park is by far the best pine forest to visit in the UK in autumn time. Its mix of rough and stony terrain followed by the pine trees and various rivers giving it that Canadian Rockies feel. This is turn means that in the autumn, the sites you see of the pine trees going dark and moulting with the brown layer of bristles upon the cracks of the Galloway rock face are impossible to come by elsewhere in the UK.

Glentrool camping and caravanning site places you in the heart of Galloway forest park. This allows you to be able to experience the park and the forest at its fullest and explore throughout the day with no need to travel from your site to the location. The campsite is friendly to motorhomes and allows full access of all of the facilities ranging from the modern toilets and washrooms to the local pub and restaurant.

Mountainous – Snowdonia

Mountainous - Snowdonia Autumn half term

Snowdonia is infamous for being home to Mount Snowdon, the biggest mountain in Wales. Offering walking routes and plenty of adventure it is perfect for the intrepid explorer or holidaymaker. In the autumn, the mountains become perfect for hiking as the temperature falls to a perfect mix of warm enough to feel comfortable and cool enough to not overheat during the physical strain. This means you can get out and enjoy the mountains at their fullest, with no drawbacks.

There is a motorhome home campsite called Cae Du Campsite. This is perched in the very centre of the Snowdonia range. Very few campsites within the national park of Snowdonia offer the basic amenities. This means that this motorhome campsite has everything to offer with none of the usual local drawbacks. It comes in at £18.50 a night in the October half term and 17 pounds for the rest of the year.

Woodland – Puzzlewood Gloucestershire

Woodland - Puzzlewood Gloucestershire autumn half term

Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire is renowned for its magic and myth. What people seem to ignore is the local woodland genetics. Moss and fern have besieged the wood due to the iron rich gene of the trees. This means that the wood its self has mass amounts of wildlife and creatures relying on the strange eco system the wood provides. You will be hard struck to find anywhere as lively as Puzzlewood this October half term. The blanket of brown leaves on the moss-covered rocks gives a feeling of being in a medieval movie or a magical forest.

Forest and Wye Valley Camping Site lies a small walking distance from the magical woodland. Meaning it is one of the best locations. It has recently been refurbished with new top of the range facilities meaning you will have all of the home comforts available within the motorhome and on site.

Why not take a look at which motorhome would be best suited for your holiday this October?