Beginners Guide To Motorhomes - What Should You Think About?

Beginners Guide to Motorhomes

We all have to start somewhere. Maybe you’ve never tried motorhome camping before, didn’t know it was possible to hire a motorhome, or had never thought about it before now. Perhaps you love camping, but want an upgrade from your tent. Maybe you’ve stayed in a camper van, but wanted more luxury from your home on wheels. Whatever your motivation for finding out more about the joys of motorhome travel, you’re in the right place. So where do you start? Check out our beginners guide to motorhomes!


Motorhome hire – points to consider

If you’ve never stayed in a motorhome, then there are a few things it might help to think about before hiring one for the first time to make sure you get the very best model for you.

What sort of motorhome do you need? – Motorhomes come in a range of sizes and styles. A 7 berth palace on wheels with all the premium bells and whistles might be a little much in terms of size and cost if you’re just a couple looking for a weekend break.

What can you afford? – Hiring a motorhome is almost always a more cost effective way of travelling than, for instance, flying and booking a hotel. However, we all have a budget to consider, but thankfully, we’re confident that there’s a motorhome in the Priory Rentals fleet which is perfect for most pockets.

Will you be comfortable driving your motorhome – Another point which might dictate size. Motorhomes are larger than average vehicles. They’re usually no different to operate than your car, but some people are uncomfortable with the extra height, length and weight of larger models. A motorhome adventure should be fun and relaxing, but if the idea of driving one feels a little stressful, why not check out our motorhome driving tips, ask for a test drive, or perhaps choose the smallest model suitable for the

Are you allowed to drive it? – While you can drive most motorhomes on a standard car license, some of the larger ones require you to have the ‘C1’ category on your license above a certain weight. If you passed your test after 1997, you might not have this on your license as standard. We also ask that to hire a motorhome from Priory Rentals, you should be at least 25 years old.

Where will you be driving your motorhome? – Most people head away from town an city centres and into nature when they have a motorhome, but if you’re planning on visiting built up areas, particularly those with narrow streets, it might be better to choose a smaller motorhome which will be easier to maneuver. Similarly, if you go for a larger model, pay careful attention to height limits on road signs – there can still be a lot of motorhome above the cab, so make sure you know the clearance you need.

You’ll have more space but you don’t need to fill it! – One of the many advantages of motorhome travel, is that you’re far less limited when it comes to what you can bring along. But don’t go mad with the packing! Try to bring along only what you’re likely to need, or all that extra space might still start to feel cramped!


The best advice in our Beginners guide to motorhomes – Just do it!

We mean it, give it a go, take the plunge, make that decision. Once you do, you’ll never look back. Motorhome adventures are arguably the best way to travel and the best way to see the world. You follow no-ones itinerary and come and go as you please. A motorhome is the ultimate freedom accessory and you should definitely experience one at least once, although we guarantee you won’t stop at once! The ultimate beginners guide to motorhomes is the experience of taking your first trip in one. Contact us today to book your last motorhome as a beginner!