Book A Motorhome For a February Half Term Adventure

February Half Term in a Motorhome

It seems like normality is only just starting to return after Christmas and New Year and already the half term holidays are on the horizon. What will you do to keep the kids entertained while they’re off school? Why not get in touch with Priory Rentals, arrange for motorhome hire, and take them off on an adventure instead?

As well as getting the kids out of the house, into the great outdoors and away from their ‘screens’, a motorhome holiday is a fantastic way to treat the kids to a cheap February half term break which doesn’t feel like a compromise. Every day is a new experience, with new things to see and to do, all you need to do is pick a destination and everything in between is adventure.

Once you hire a motorhome, you have the means to travel wherever you like, so all you need are a few ideas on where to spend your February half term. Why not allow yourself to be inspired by some of the following?


A Walk in the Woods for February Half Term

In the UK we’re blessed with beautiful woodlands up and down the country. With Spring just around the corner, these woodlands are just starting to come back to life and the weather just starting t o improve during the February half term holiday, making them perfect for going for walks amongst the trees and witnessing the wonder of nature first hand. Of course, you can also take your bikes along and go cycling along woodland tracks as a family.

For the more adventurously inclined and older kids, there are numerous climbing based adventure activities such as ‘Go Ape’ and similar which have sprung up in forests and woods here and there, which turn the trees into an adventure playground suspended high above the forest floor. Not for the faint of heart.


Explore English Heritage Sites in your Motorhome

In the UK, we’re blessed with as much heritage as you could ever experience in a lifetime. Exposing the kids to even a little of this will surely be an enlightening and educational experience for them as they explore thousands of years of our history.

While they could look up practically anything they need to know online, there’s simply no substitute for visiting, seeing,  exploring and experiencing first hand. There’s nothing more memorable either.

If you hire a motorhome, you can take the kids to a different historical monument, stately home or heritage site every day without having to return home afterwards, allowing you and your family to see more, spend less time travelling and of course, spend more time together too.


Spend February Half Term In France

If you’ve never taken out motorhome hire with us before, you might not know that you can arrange to take your motorhome across the channel and travel to Europe. The obvious destination is France, a short ferry ride away, a trip which is sure to excite the kids and expose them to a different culture and also to give them the chance to practice their French. With a week at your disposal, you can choose to take a tour round this beautiful county, stopping off where you please and enjoying a little more sunshine than you’d get back home.

France isn’t the only country you can visit and you’re also welcome to take your February half term motorhome holiday to numerous other European countries such as Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal to name but a few.


Cheap February Half Term Holiday in a Motorhome

February half term is still our off-season, so our already low prices are lower still until we get closer to the summer, making these first school holidays of the year a perfect time to arrange an adventure with the kids without it breaking the bank.

The weather is starting to improve and in any case, a luxury motorhome is well insulated against the cold and contains all the creature comforts you need to keep the whole family happy and comfortable as you explore. There are so many things you can see and do during the half term break. You could plan an itinerary or just clamber aboard and see where the road takes you. That’s the freedom of the motorhome experience.

February half term is always a popular time for motorhome hire, with many families taking advantage of cheap motorhome hire to treat the kids to a trip with a difference, so contact us now to make your booking and avoid disappointment.