Brace Yourselves – Half Term Is Coming

It seems Christmas is only just over, normality is only just starting to reassert itself and the nights are only just beginning to get a bit lighter when all of a sudden, half term happens. It’s still a bit too cold and probably wet outside for the kids to spend the day out playing with their friends, so chances are, they’re going to spend the week sat in from of the TV, with their phones in their hands, occasionally grunting at you as you try and get things done around them. Or at least they might unless you plan ahead and get them out exploring with you on a half term road trip in a Priory luxury motorhome.

There are countless places in the UK to go and explore and with a new discovery around every corner, wherever you choose to visit, you’re bound to find something unexpected either at your destination or by chance along the way.


Check out the Chocolate in Cumbria

The Lake District is breathtaking at any time of year, but if the scenery can’t tear pre-teen eyes away from their screens, then The Cocoa Bean Company and Chocolate World in Hawkshead might just get their attention. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a go at making their own chocolate? Make sure you set yourself a limit before heading into the factory shop though!


Norfolk in the Off Season

The East Anglian seaside County of Norfolk is packed with holidaymakers in the Summer, but it doesn’t cease to exist when the sunshine goes into hibernation and is well worth a visit during the ‘off-season’. Deserted by the summer crowds, you’ll better be able to appreciate the Georgian architecture of many Norfolk towns, take in the sea air at the many beaches and enjoy the Regions charm without being jostled by tourists.


Legoland Windsor

A theme park is a surefire way to have a great day out with the family and Legoland in Windsor is definitely a well worth a visit. As the name suggests, the whole park is devoted to the versatile little plastic bricks we all grew up with. There are over 55 rides, attractions and shows to keep kids of all ages entertained.


Take The Kids To Chester Zoo – Remember to take them back home after

The UK’s number one Zoo, Chester Zoo has over 20,000 animals comprising 500 different species. From the ordinary to the exotic, from tiny to titanic, from the ubiquitous to the endangered, Chester Zoo will keep your budding conservationists enthralled with wonder. Just don’t tell them it’s educational!


Take your bikes on ‘The Cinder Track’

Load your bikes onto the back of your motorhome and head through the North Yorkshire National Park.  Between Scarborough and Whitby in North Yorkshire, there’s a 21 mile long, reasonably level, coastal cycle trail that allows you to take in history and scenery at the same time. Marvel at the view from atop a 120 foot tall viaduct as you pass over it along the way and make sure you indulge in fish and chips at the end of your trek, you’ll have earned it!


Found anywhere else to have fun with the family?

There are so many places to explore, for families of all sizes and kids of all ages. With a Priory motorhome, you have the freedom to explore and who knows what you’ll discover. Book your luxury motorhome now to avoid disappointment and handle half term with the family in style.