Buy a Barely Used Motorhome - Ex-Rental Motorhomes For Sale

Move on From Motorhome Hire – Own a Used Motorhome

Even the most seasoned motorhome travel enthusiast had to, at one point, arrange motorhome hire for the first time. For many, it’s the start of a long, happy series of adventures and we look forward to seeing our regular customers come back time after time with fabulous stories of where they’ve been to and what they’ve seen.

For a few though, there comes a time to move on from motorhome hire and to make the leap from renting a motorhome to owning a motorhome of their very own. We hate to see our regulars leave us, but when they do, they often do so in an ex-rental motorhome they’ve bought from us. So why should you buy a used motorhome from Priory Rentals?


Barely Used Motorhomes From Priory Rentals

At Priory Rentals, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and newest motorhomes. Only the best is good enough for our customers, so this means that we regularly take delivery of brand new motorhomes, packed with the latest features, direct from the manufacturer. We’re always expanding and refreshing our fleet and we always seem to buy more than we sell, so we do need to sell some of our existing motorhomes in order to make way for new deliveries.

At Priory, we don’t keep hold of motorhomes for much longer than three years, choosing instead to make space at our depots for newer models, in fact some are made available as ex-rental motorhomes for sale before they’re even a year old. So this means that there’ll always be motorhomes available for those of you looking to arrange motorhome hire for the very last time and become motorhome owners instead.


Why Buy an Ex-Rental Motorhome from Priory Rentals?

Buying a used motorhome can sometimes be a gamble, but when you buy from Priory, yo can buy with confidence. If you’ve ever had the chance to take out motorhome hire from us, you’ll know that we look after out fleet.

  • For the short time we keep our luxury motorhomes, they’re regularly maintained, scrupulously valeted and kept immaculately clean.
  • We hand pick the very best the models for our customers, so the motorhomes we buy come with more optional extras than you might think.
  • Motorhomes are luxurious vehicles to travel in, but they’re built on solid chassis and powered by engines designed for heavy commercial use, so you know they’ll be solid and reliable for many years to come.
  • Young in miles as well as in years, our Ex-Rental motorhomes for sale have normally covered surprisingly few miles for their age.
  • We price our ex-rental motorhomes to sell quickly, so you get a nearly new motorhome at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a new one.
  • Try before you buy – If you rent one of our motorhomes for sale and decide to buy it at the end of the hire, we’ll deduct the cost of the rental from the sale price. (By arrangement only)
  • We can help you find the finance you need to buy an ex-rental motorhome from us.


There’s never been a better time to buy an ex-rental motorhome of your very own from us. Browse our ex-rental motorhomes for sale and get in touch with us to arrange a viewing. But be quick, with prices like these, they won’t be available for long, so be prepared to act quickly, once they’re one, they’re gone.