Camping by the Coast - See the Seaside in a Motorhome

The best seaside locations to stay at in your motorhome

There’s something about the lure of the seaside in the summer. The warmth of the sun, the draw of a sandy beach and the gentle lapping of the waves can elicit a smile just by picturing it in your mind’s eye. Whether you’re taking a short break or a full fortnight escape to the seaside, it makes perfect sense to do so in a luxury motorhome. That way you can enjoy the shoreline on your own terms, or even several shorelines if you so choose.


Slapton Sands in Devon

Think of Devon and it conjures up images of rolling countryside, balmy days and possibly custard. All Priory customers can take advantage of sites looked after by the Camping and Caravanning Club, so the campsite at Slapton sands is an ideal place to pitch up and explore. South Devon boasts an almost Mediterranean climate, so you can let your worries fade away as you soak in the sunshine and breathe in the sea air.


South Pembrokeshire Heritage Coast

Located in Southwest Wales, between Tenby, and the Milfoestuaryury, the 40 miles of the South Pembrokeshire Heritage Coast provides a combination of sandy beaches and rugged coastlines, which tend not to be too crowded. With beach walks, cliff walks, diving and even surfing, there’s plenty to keep yourself active and also plenty of local history to soak up too.


Great Yarmouth – East Anglia

The East Anglian resort of Great Yarmouth is a popular tourist destination and deservedly so. The whole coastline surrounding the resort is worthy of attention, with long sandy beaches and plenty to keep anyone amused within easy reach. With golden sand and plenty of attractions, the coast and surrounding areas can get a bit busy during the season, but stay in a motorhome and you can have the sunsets and sunrises almost to yourself once the holidaymakers and day trippers have returned respectively to their hotels and homes.


Dunnet Head – Scotland

While John O’Groats gets all the attention, it’s actually Dunnet Head just over 10 miles away that’s the most Northerly point of Mainland Britain. With a crescent shaped white sandy beach, the remoteness of the location means that you may well have it all to yourself. Even in the heat of the summer, make sure you pack windproof and waterproof clothing, it’s location in North Scotland means that it can still get a bit chilly at any time of year.


Morecambe Bay – Lancashire

Famous, or perhaps infamous for its quicksand and quick tides, there are golden sandy beaches, but Morecambe’s bay is not to be travelled without a guide. Morecambe however, has a rich history, a wealth of wildlife and plenty of beautiful coastline to explore. In a motorhome, the world’s definitely your oyster, but in Morecambe, you’ll find Europe’s largest Oyster nursery!



In an Island Nation with all kinds of coastline, we’ve naturally only scratched the surface of the seaside locations you can travel to. Some are tourist traps, some feel almost undiscovered and at all stages in between. We challenge you to find the most idyllic UK seaside spots and post your snaps with your Priory Luxury Motorhome below. To get started with your own seaside motorhome tour, get in touch today and make your book. Sea, sand and sunshine await!