Ditch the day-trippers - Get creative to avoid the crowds

Summer sunshine without crowds of tourists

When the weather’s warm and glorious, there’s nothing better than escaping the four walls and seeing the sights. Unfortunately, on such days, understandably, everyone else has the same idea and when crowds descend on popular attractions, it can take away your enjoyment of wherever you’ve travelled to.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get out and explore, but to get the best out of sunny weather and scenery, it’s sometimes best to think a little outside the box when it comes to choosing a travel destination and of course, how you choose to get there.


Have sunrise and sunset all to yourself

If you’re keen on greeting the great outdoors, but avoiding large groups, having a motorhome at your disposal is a surprisingly good idea. For most day-trippers, they leave home as early as they can battle with the traffic as others do the same and depending on how far they have to go back home at the end of the day, may leave early to get a head start on the journey. In a luxury motorhome, you have no such restrictions. You can pack up and travel the day before if you like and spend the night at your chosen destination. After a good night’s sleep, simply roll out of bed, enjoy your breakfast and begin to enjoy your surroundings while the day trippers are still en route. At the end of the day, when all those day trippers have gone home, you have no need to set off unless you want to, instead, you can choose to sit and watch the sunset, enjoying the peace as you’ll likely have that beauty spot all to yourself.


Distance yourself from the day trippers

If solitude is what you seek, the advantages of chasing the sun in a motorhome are even more apparent. The aforementioned day-trippers are limited by range. Because they have to travel to a place, enjoy being there and get home again all within the same day, there’s a limit to how far they can go. The further they get from home, the less time they have to spend at their destination. At some point, distance makes a place not worth visiting because of how little time they’ll be able to spend there.  Obviously, those with the foresight to hire a motorhome have no such issues. The further from civilisation you go, the smaller the crowds.


Get the most out of sunny days with a Luxury motorhome

There are so many advantages to enjoying your free time by spending your days exploring in a motorhome, but amongst the best is that your ‘hotel room’ can be wherever you want it to be, allowing you to get the most out of anywhere you feel like visiting. You don’t need to travel when everyone else travels, you don’t need to leave when everyone else leaves and therefore, both your travelling to a place and your adventures once there can be refreshingly stress free.


To arrange for a luxury motorhome of your very own to help you get the most out of your precious free time, browse our fleet and get in touch with us to book your adventure.