When it comes to taking part in equestrian events, a lot of the time it is going to be preferable to book a Priory Rentals Motorhome and head over with your horse. Many of these shows allow you to pitch on the land or even give you a selected pitch to be able to camp the night in your motorhome.

Here are a few reasons why you should take a Priory Rentals motorhome to upcoming equestrian events.

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Motorhome Accommodation

When it comes to going to equestrian events, you can find yourself in the extremity of hot sunny weather or wind and rain. For this reason, a motorhome is amazing with its cosy atmosphere to combat cold and strong air conditioning controls for the hot weather, meaning you can simply retreat to your motorhome after your event and relax in comfort.

Each of our motorhomes comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom; family seating area and comfortable beds. There are not any other forms of accommodation that can rival such facilities whilst maintaining comfort and luxury for the price of hiring a motorhome.

Drop It < Set It < Collect It

With the simple nature of the Drop it < Set it < it collect it service you can have your motorhome delivered to any location or major event in the country for a small fee and in turn save the hassle of having to stop at one of our branches. For example, if you lived in Birmingham and were heading to Houghton International horse Trails (Norfolk) you could simply drive straight to your event and we could meet you with your motorhome at your event locations and save you the journey to Cheshire to collect the motorhome. Alternatively, if you do not want to drive your car we could deliver the motorhome to your home address and you could drive the motorhome to the event.

However, remember for the most cost effective solution it is always cheaper to simply pop over to our Cheshire or Lancashire branch to be able to collect the motorhome personally.


When it comes to renting a motorhome over a hotel, there are a few obvious benefits in the way of proximity to the event. Firstly, you can simply pitch up on the grounds of the event if you want to be as close as possible. This saves you time and hassle as getting a taxi from huge shows and/or travelling in the mornings of the events, which means you can get there earlier and leave later.

Secondly, there is the benefit of being able to choose exactly where you want to pitch which in turn means if you want somewhere quiet you can choose to pitch away from the event and if you want to be closer, you can pitch close. This benefit of being able to balance the distance from the event with the busyness of your surroundings is a common use for our motorhomes.

Cost Effective Solution

If you are a keen equestrian hobbyist and participate in many events then the cost effective solution is always going to seem more attractive, especially when it maintains the high amount of luxury that Priory Rentals holds.

If you are constantly hiring a motorhome for equestrian events and are looking at taking the next step and purchasing your own motorhome this could also be a great option. Depending on how far you travel and how often, buying a motorhome may save more money over time. Take a look at our motorhomes for sale and see if your new motorhome is on that list.

Hire a motorhome for upcoming Equestrian Events

If you are considering hiring a motorhome for your upcoming equestrian events but still have some questions then give us a call on 0800 996 1444 to discuss your options.