Family Adventures - Enjoying The Outdoors This Autumn


There’s something magical about the Autumn. It’s no longer warm enough to venture out without a coat, sometimes you’ll need a hat scarf and gloves too, but you may find yourself taking them all off when the sun comes out. From one day to another it might be bright and sunny, wet and breezy or howling a gale with rain coming in sideways. Sometimes all in the same day. Does that mean you can’t hire a motorhome and enjoy a family adventure? Absolutely not!

With all the uncertainties surrounding Autumnal weather, there’s no mistaking that this season of transition has a magic all of its own. There’s something cosy about sitting indoors (either n your house or in your motorhome), with a hot mug of cocoa, watching a storm raging outside, while you’re safe and dry watching it. There’s something satisfying walking along a country footpath with crisp frosted leaves underfoot and a bite in the air first thing in the morning, being able to see your breath and detect a faint smell of smoke in the air.

The summer may have long since passed, but Autumn is still a wonderful time to get outdoors with the family and enjoy nature at it’s most changeable.


Garden and Forest Walks in Autumn

Visiting the gardens of country parks and forests pretty much anywhere are especially rewarding during the Autumn. As nature begins to batten down the hatches in preparation for the Winter, the leaves on the trees change from shades of green, to browns, reds and gold, falling to carpet and colour your walk. You’ll see squirrels darting through the undergrowth and leaping from branch to branch. You might even be lucky enough to see other wildlife going about their pre-hibernation preparation.

Take a plant, tree and animal guides with you if you must, but Autumn is a fabulous time of year to get the kids to take an interest in the natural world around them and the creatures which live in it. You can enjoy their sense of wonder second hand as you introduce them to nature in all its glory.


Welly Walks – Have a Splashingly Good Time

Why let the rain ruin a great walk? A downpour or two is to be expected during Autumn, but this needn’t dampen your day. With ‘big coats’, umbrellas and most importantly a set of wellingtons, there’s no need to let a little rain stop your family’s enjoyment of the great outdoors. If anyone’s ever seen a three-year-old, clad head to toe in waterproofs and wellies, excitedly jumping up and down in a puddle, shrieking with glee at every splash, then you’ll know that true happiness lies in the simple things. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing, so wrap up, stay dry and put one foot in front of the other. Go Online, find a ‘welly walk’ or simply make up one of your own.


Swing and Climb Through The Trees

Growing up, we’ve all climbed a tree or two and while we may have grown up, did we ever grow out of it? For kids of all ages, there are a number of rope courses set up in forests all over the country. ‘Go Ape’ is one of the better known names in treetop adventure playgrounds, but by no means the only one. Take a trip to the forest and prepare to climb and swing in one of these organised courses. One thing’s for sure, the whole family will sleep well that evening!


Cycling – Not Just For The Summer

When was the last time you took your family cycling? Maybe it was the summer, a sedate, sweltering and slightly sweaty affair. Everyone was too thirsty, complaints about it being too warm to wear a helmet, with tears following when you insisted. Perhaps you picked the wrong season?

Autumn is far better for cycling. The weather’s cooler so you can all go further and faster without overheating. Cycling through the forest gives you plenty of chance to let off some steam (perhaps literally) and with the ground perhaps being a little less firm and slightly muddy, you can all have fun getting splashed by mud from your tyres and powering through puddles. Getting messy is often fun when there’s a hot shower or bath to look forward to afterwards!


Going Underground – Does it still count as outdoors?

For the adventurous family, the rain can’t spoil the magic of exploring a cave or cavern. There are a number of underground grotto’s to explore all around the country. From Peak Cavern in Derbyshire to ‘Ogof Ffynnon Ddu’ in Swansea to the Chislehurst Caves in London and the Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset, plus many more besides. It can be a spooky, even unnerving experience to explore these large underground spaces, but certainly, an exciting memorable adventure for the family to enjoy together.


Motorhome Hire – Nature is all around you and it’s mostly free

With the expense of your Summer Holidays behind you and with Christmas looming in the distance ahead, trying to keep spending to a minimum is something we all do during the Autumn. Thankfully, one of the best things about nature is that for the most part, it doesn’t cost anything to enjoy it. Introduce your youngsters to the simple pleasures of fresh air, exploring and make learning about the world something they can do ‘hands on’ rather than using a screen.

If you have a little budget to spare, why not go one step further and hire a luxury motorhome, to make the adventure even more memorable and to help you get out into the heart of nature and enjoy camping without having to contend with soggy tents!