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Ferry’s a jolly good road trip – and so say all of us

The UK has some wonderful destinations to explore, indeed there are those who rarely leave these sceptred isles when it comes to taking a break away from home. However, with so many wonderful countries and cultures practically on our doorstep, it seems this thinking could be keeping such people from some truly marvellous experiences.

A transcontinental road trip for most people typically conjures up thoughts of a ferry across the channel, usually from Dover, usually to France. However, the South coast isn’t the only place to catch a ferry and take your motorhome adventure to Europe. Perhaps you could consider some of the alternatives?


Newcastle to Holland

Ferries from Newcastle to Norway, Sweden and Denmark have unfortunately not been available for a decade, but you can still catch a ferry from there to Amsterdam, swapping a drive to Dover for a shorter trip to the North East and a relaxing 15 hour ferry ride overnight to the Netherlands.


Ferries from Hull

Even closer for many of us is the ferry port at Hull, following an easy trip along the M62. From there, you can catch a ferry to Zeebrugge in Belgium, or to Rotterdam in Holland. Either option gives you an alternative to the usual French ports and easier access to Germany too.


Ferries to Spain

If you’d like to take your motorhome adventure to Spain without having to drive through France to get there, then the South coast does have a couple of options to take a Ferry direct to either Santander or Bilbao, from either Portsmouth or Plymouth. As with other Ferry options, travelling by sea takes longer than the road based alternative, but once you’re parked up and on deck, you can safely relinquish control of this section of your journey to the capable hands of the ferry crew and enjoy your voyage.


Have you considered Ireland?

The Emerald Isle is a place of beauty and it’s only a short ferry ride away, so don’t write it off as a Roadtrip destination. There are numerous places you can catch a Ferry to Ireland, however, the closest are Liverpool and Fleetwood, a mere stones throw away.


Did you know, Priory Motorhomes can take you all around Europe?

As much as we love the United Kingdom, we know that there are many wonderful places to explore just a ferry ride away. Our spirit of adventure simply wouldn’t permit us to restrict your adventures to within the UK border, so we don’t. If you’re planning to leave these shores, then simply let us know and we’ll talk you through the options so that you can take your luxury motorhome adventure abroad to any of 36 other countries with confidence. Don’t forget that you don’t have to return to the UK on the same boat you left on.

You could catch a Ferry to Spain, head to France, hugging the south coast into Italy take a detour to Rome then North through Austria or Switzerland into Germany, catching a Ferry to Hull from The Netherlands.  Check out the countries below, you can take a Priory Motorhome to any of them, simply speak to us, make your booking and set off on your very own voyage of discovery!


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