First Time in a Motorhome? - Priory Rentals

Here at Priory Rentals we believe in keeping things as simple as possible for you and your motorhome experience to be able to allow you to focus on having an amazing time. For this reason, we have come up with some basic information you may need to know before and after hiring a motorhome with us for the first time.

What Comes With a Priory Rentals Motorhome?

As well as having us on hand to be able to talk you through anything you may need there are also other bonuses for hiring with priory. These include things such as;

  • Free “Britstops” membership with all of our motorhomes – This means you can get free camping on a range of amazing locations in the UK in a Priory Rentals motorhome. These range from highland farms in the northern regions of Scotland to picturesque vineyards along the south coasts of England.
  • A range of pet friendly motorhomes – As we know that bringing your dog along can be great fun for both you and your four legged friend, we have a wide range of pet friendly motorhomes to be able to offer you. Simply click the “pet Friendly” tab on the motorhomes page to be able to see which motorhomes could be perfect for you.
  • Guides to onboard equipment – We know how annoying it is when you come to cook some or use the television and simply do not know how to. Therefore, for this reason we include an easy step-by-step guide to all of our onboard equipment to be able to help you easily and efficiently make full use of the motorhome.
  • Kitchen and shower Essentials included – On each motorhomes individual webpage, there is a small tab that reads “Inventory”, if you click on this tab you will be shown everything that is included with that motorhome. As each motorhome has a large amount of storage within the motorhomes, if what you are looking for is not on the list you can either request it for a small rental fee or simply bring it along with you from home.
  • Secure Parking – Our Lancashire branch offers high security parking for your vehicle when you are away on your motorhome getaway. This in turn means that you can leave your vehicle in our car park knowing its safe behind our high security fencing and immediate police response.
  • Insurance, VAT, Unlimited Miles, Breakdown Cover and Equipment – Here at priory we understand how annoying hidden charges can be so we include everything we can in our prices to be able to ensure you are not put out of pocket. Simply call us up and ask us if you have any questions.

Option Ad On’s

We understand that you may not have forgot a few things from home or simply may not have wanted to bring them along so we can offer a few option extras to give you a better experience in our motorhomes.

  • European Travel – We understand that you may want to venture out of the UK and visit a few other countries in Europe, this is completely fine with us, however we will need a small fee just to supply the relevant breakdown cover, equipment and insurance for your journey.
  • Drop It, Set It, Collect It – This is a scheme Priory Rentals has started doing in recent years to be able to allow you a more efficient journey. If you’re looking to set out on your journey early or simply don’t want to have to travel out of your way to our branches in the northwest then simply let us know and we can deliver the motorhome to a location you specify and hand you the keys. We will however need to incur a small fee simply to cover the transportation costs. However, in most cases this could cut hours off your motorhome journey and allow you an earlier start from the comfort of your own home.
  • Sets of Bedding – some people simply do not want to have to bring sleeping bags along or sometimes just forget one or two. For this reason, we offer full bedding sets for you at the rate of £20 pound per hire. This £20 is a frozen fee and will not change depending on the length of your journey.
  • Towels – We can supply towels if you forget yours for the price of £5 per person. This includes a hand towel and a bath towel for the duration of your journey. This is a frozen price and will not change dependent on the length of your journey.
  • Mountain Bikes – We offer mountain bikes subject to availability for your personal use on your Priory Rentals Motorhome getaway. All of our motorhomes come with a bike rack for no extra cost so feel free to bring your own if you wish. The bike racks can fit up to four bikes at a time. Our bike hire costs £20 for the first day and an extra £2 a day after that, this price is simply to be able to maintain and upkeep the bikes when they return as they need oiling and services after being on an exterior bike rack.
  • Gas BBQ – We know that you may want to enjoy a gas BBQ when you are on your motorhome get away. We do charge £20 for the initial hire of our BBQ’s before charging £1 a day after that. We do urge you to use the gas BBQ at least 2 metres from the motorhome.

Can We Take A Motorhome to Europe?

When it comes to travelling to around Europe, we believe there is not really any better of an option than a Priory Rentals Motorhome. With Europe having some of the most beautiful views in the world to offer and Priory Rentals having an unlimited mileage allowance. Travailing around Europe in a Priory Rentals motorhome becomes an amazing idea.

All we will need from you is a small charge of £95 a week on top of the rental fees to be able to cover the European breakdown and insurance cover. We will also need EU Travel Approval to be able to ensure the insurance is valid, however if you are an EU citizen you will already have free roam of the EU.

Where to Pitch Up

When it comes to motorhome camping in the UK, it can be tricky finding the right site for you as each site usually has a special aspect to it. These range from beaches, mountains and even picturesque village aesthetics. You can always either ask a staff member as we hear a lot of tales about people travelling to a number of campsites around the country or you could head over to Camping and Caravanning to be able to take full advantage of the Privilege Scheme access we give to all hirers free of charge when using a Priory Rentals Motorhome.

Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Motorhome

When it comes to picking up and dropping off a Priory Rentals motorhome there are two options available to you.

Firstly, you could have the option of taking advantage of our Drop It, Set It, Collect It service. This is a service where we will deliver your selected motorhome to a location you specify and hand you the keys before picking it up from a specified location and collecting the keys all at set times. This comes at a small fee to be able to cover our travel costs, but may work out a lot more efficient and less stressful then heading out of your way to one of our branches in the northwest.

Secondly, there is the option of simply collecting the motorhome from one of our branches and returning it to one of our branches. We do however have opening hours and if you return the motorhome or come for collection outside of these hours without arranging it with us before hand we may not be here to hand the motorhome over or to collect it. Always ask us for availability of returns and collections and please allow an hour for both returns and collections so we may be able to demonstrate the uses of the vehicle for you and complete the relevant paper work and insurance documents.

Fuel Efficiency

All of our models are diesel and run at around 22-38 Miles per Gallon completely depending on the model. We know this is a very broad range, however with some of our models being very compact and some of our luxurious models coming in a much larger size the MPG ranges accordingly. If you’re curious to know exactly how fuel efficient a certain model is before hiring it then simply give our Lancashire Branch a call and ask us directly.

We will always supply a motorhome with a full tank of fuel and ask that it is also returned with a full tank, or as full as can be, as we do understand you have to come from the petrol station to us. The nearest petrol station to our Lancashire branch would the Eastgate A680 Esso Petrol station, which is situated 1.7 miles away from the branch its self. If you are returning the motorhome to the Priory Rentals Cheshire branch then you will notice there is a Tesco petrol station less than 50 metres away from the front of our branch.

What Systems you’ll Need to Know About

When you are hiring a motorhome with Priory Rentals, we will always supply you with a booklet, which includes all the details on how to efficiently use the onboard equipment. However, here is a short list of what is available on board our motorhome.

  • Gas System – The gas system our motorhomes allows you to be able to use the gas water heating and the gas stove. When you turn on the gas, you may have to wait for around 30 minutes for the hot water to become available in the motorhome. However, the gas stove its self is available to use immediately. Your gas tank can be filled up at a large number of fuel stations throughout the UK and Europe. Ask a member of staff at the petrol station for more information or consult our manual.
  • Water Supply – Your fresh water supply varies from motorhome to motorhome. However, we usually see it between the 70L and 130L mark. This in turn means you can get around 12-18 minutes of fresh running water through the sink and showers. We will always give you a hosepipe to be able to refill your water tank on whichever campsite you choose to use. Once you have used this water, it will be collected in a secondary tank, which can be emptied at any campsites wastewater disposal area. Each campsite will have a different procedure and location for wastewater disposal so always ask any members of staff on the site.
  • Toiletry System – When it comes to emptying the toiletry System Cassette, we recommend emptying it every day if possible and every two days for a single person or group of two. This should ensure it stays relatively empty and no problems come from it over flowing or becoming too full.
  • Power System – we will always supply a 240V cable to be able to hook your motorhome up to a power point whilst you are at a campsite. This will allow you to be able to use the power from the campsite to run the motorhome and ensure the battery does not run dry. Your motorhome will however be able to survive a few nights without the cable being wired up, but it is always best to plug it in and charge the motorhome when you get the opportunity, as you never know when you may change your camping plan and take a brit stops campsite or a wild camping location in Scotland.

If you would like more information on any of our individual motorhomes, our rental service or any other services then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you anything you need to know.