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Game of Thrones fans can take a Motorhome trip round all the most famous scenes and locations for the popular HBO series, seeing the most amazing scenery combined with a bit of fun from the past 6 series’.

Unless you’ve been hidden under Casterly Rock for the past few weeks, you will have been inundated with Game of Thrones memes all over social media. As season 7 prepares to start the world has been split between people who are Game of Thrones fans, and people who know nothing.

Take a Motorhome Around Westeros

Now obviously you can’t take a motorhome around Westeros, travel VISA’s for the Seven Kingdoms are hard to acquire, but as most of Game of Thrones is set in Northern Ireland and Dubrovnik, both areas are easy to get to if you are a motorhome fan.

For a short break we recommend Game of Thrones fans pick up your motorhome from our Lancashire office and catch the ferry over to Northern Ireland for a dragon stop tour of Westeros.

Tollymore Forest Park

Scenic Tollymore is a 630-hectare forest, it’s Gothic feel made it the perfect location for the North and was featured in series 1 when the Starks first met thei Direwolves and we also saw the White Walkers.

Don’t worry you are less likely to bump into a white walker this time of year but you can enjoy scenic woodlands, waterfalls and caves. If you want a bit of Stark style action you can head up to one of the mountain trails.

From here is it just a short drive to Sandy Brae, shadowed by the beautiful Mourne Mountains, get back to nature and admire the stars from your motorhome, this location is reminiscent of Vaes Dothrak.


Gosforth Castle & Castle Ward

A typical Pilgramage for Game of Thrones fans is to go to Gosforth Castle in the Titanic Quarter, although you cannot access the main Game of Thrones set you will recognise the castle from the show as Riverrun and you will know that the Iron Throne is being protected.

South of Dublin you can visit Castle Ward where many of the Winterfell scenes and Casterley Rock scenes were filmed, the medieval style of the castle is perfect for wealthy Lords of Westeros.


Dubrovnik, Croatia – Game of Thrones Tour

For die hard Game of Thrones fans Dubrovnik is the place to go, they have a fantastic tour available and it is where all of the Kings Landing scenes were filmed. Let hope no one has to do the walk of shame!

However Croatia is a long way in a motorhome so is best part of a longer tour starting in Europe, heading to Italy then down to Croatia, this is best for a summer holiday as unless you want to drive the full distance in one go it is much better to break up the journey.

So if you are a big Game of Thrones fan and want to visit the sights, book a motorhome from Priory!

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