For most people, winter tends to be the month of the year that they either relax at home around the fire or to head to a hot country and enjoy the sun. However, at Priory Rentals we know this could be considered as a waste of one of the most beautiful seasons of year. Why not brave the colder weather go for a winter getaway to Scotland in your motorhome? Better yet, why not take the whole family along too?


Rannoch Moor

Why not witness some of the most beautiful views you may ever see? This  location is actually in the northern areas of Scotland, just south of the Cairngorms, it is a very desolate and rural location which means that apart from the occasional barn and the train track on the east of the moor, there is little on the moor that’s been touched by man. The main reason this moor looks so beautiful in the winter is the fact it is a natural rocky moorland on the end of a bottleneck valley. This means that the whole moor floods with snow in the winter months and it becomes something you would expect to see in Finland or the arctic.

The road in the valley is cleared out when the snow gets too deep to be able to make it accessible by traffic passing through to the more popular places in the north. This means that not only is it amazing but also it is also very accessible even in the bigger motorhomes. This makes it a perfect location for a nice winter getaway.

Loch an Eilein

The loch its self has a small island in the centre with a freestanding castle stood upon it. This in turn is usually surrounded by a frozen and snowy lake for winter, which is then followed by a snow-capped pine forest which runs all the way around the lake and up the mountains on the north and east shore. The nature of the island with its winter like appearance comes alive in the winter and it gives a truly amazing feeling. There is a maintained track to the north, which allows small motorhomes to make their way down to the lake for day trips, and as it is Scotland, you are allowed to camp on the higher parts of the track. This in turn makes this location perfect for a winter getaway in a motorhome.

Loch Torridon

Loch Torridon is a loch that offers a mix of both the snow covered moors and the frozen lakes. If you are reading this and both locations above already sound interesting then  this hybrid will be right up your street. Like the other locations, it boasts snow capped landscapes and a frozen lake but what is different about this location is the extensive views of your surroundings. It has some spectacular the views on offer of the rolling Scottish landscape.

We hope these ideas help you in finding your perfect winter getaway this year. Remember if you do not own your own motorhome just set you can always hire a motorhome directly from ourselves.