Guide To Touring The UK.

Driving a motorhome in the UK can be a little unusual if you are coming from abroad, everything from the side of the road you should be driving on all the way to the measurements of speed can be different so Priory Rentals have put together a guide to motorhome touring in the UK with our motorhomes.

Speed Limits

Speed limits in the UK will vary from many other countries and are measured differently; an example is the speed limit in France standing at 110 km/h when the speed limit in the UK is 70 miles an hour, which roughly translates to 112 km/h.

A lot of drivers who are new to the UK find this difference in measurement confusing and if you’re one of these people this can cause you to run difficulties with law enforcement when on British roads. Always remember that 5 miles an hour is the same as 8km/h and in turn, you can usually workout British speed limits quickly.

See the table below for motorhome speed limits in the UK in both miles per hour and kilometres per hour.

Road Type Speed Limit (MPH) Speed Limit (KM/H)
Restricted Road 30 MPH 48   KM/H
Single Carriageway 50 MPH 80   KM/H
Dual Carriageway 60 MPH 97   KM/H
Motorway 70 MPH 112 KM/H

You should be okay if you hire a motorhome with Priory Rentals however as all measurements are already in MPH so all you need to do is check the dashboard.

Side of the Road

The British way of driving requires you to drive on the left, so you may need to make adjustments if you are driving in the UK with a vehicle from Europe. These adjustments usually tend to be adjustments to your headlamps to prevent the beam shining into the wrong side of the road and causing a glare into oncoming traffic. Although law does not require this on entry to Britain, it could save a life and a crash of your vehicle so it is always best to try to adjust your headlamps where possible.

If hiring with priory rentals you may need to try to have some practice driving on this side of the road before heading out in the motorhome. Don’t worry however as both Priory Rentals collection office are in fairly quiet areas where you can get used to the roads slowly before heading out on your motorhome holiday.

British Roads

Britain has a unique road system and it is easy to see how somebody who has not driven on British roads before could find even the simple British road system aspects difficult to master.

Roundabouts seem to be the most confusing aspect of British roads and a lot of people struggle when they reach them if they have never came across one in the past. The easiest way to be able to tackle a roundabout if you have never handled one before is to do all of the work before you reach it and in turn when you’re on the round about its self you won’t have to do a thing.

On approaching a roundabout you should see various lanes painted on the road and each will specify the route that said lane will lead you to, line up your vehicle on the correct lane and simply stay in that lane. Then as you are leaving the roundabout indicate left to signal people entering the roundabout that it is okay for them to enter.  There may be a lot of traffic and confusing markings, but if you set yourself up before the roundabout, you should be fine.

Parking in the UK can sometimes prove difficult to a range of drivers from foreign countries. Markings vary in city centres and if you do not understand the basic markings then you could be in trouble. Two yellow lines means that you cannot park in a location at all and doing so could result in being clamped or receiving a ticket. Then there’s single yellow lines which means that you can’t park in a selected location at certain times in the day and there’ll usually be a street sign somewhere which explains the rules for the selected parking space.

Guide To Touring The UK - British Police

British Police

British police tend to stop drivers a lot in the UK and the majority of the time they may not even have a reason as random stop searches on pedestrian vehicles in the UK are common place and completely legal. The four main reasons police stop pedestrians on the roads are drink driving, dangerous driving, vehicle damage or vehicle legalities such as insurance. Priory Rentals only hire out vehicles that have no damage and have a full insurance profile so as long as you drive sensibly there will not be any legal issues regarding the vehicle.

If you have any other questions regarding British roads then feel free to ask us when you make your booking and we will be more than happy to advise you either on the phone or upon collection.

Why not take a look through our Motorhome Hire Range and see which motorhome you could be using on your next motorhome tour of the UK.