Hire a Motorhome For Your Next Motocross Events

Why Motorhomes Make Sense For Motocross Events

The roar of the engine, the challenge of each tight turn, the smell of spent fuel in the air and the heart pumping exhilaration of tearing round a gloriously muddy track at breakneck speed. These are feelings that will be all too familiar to anyone who’s even remotely familiar with motocross events. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an MXGP pro, getting to your events and staying overnight could be made a whole lot easier by choosing motorhome hire over a hotel.


  • Stay closer to the action – A hotel stay will often mean staying at least a little way away from where your motocross event will take place. While you might (or might not) have the advantage of a cooked breakfast, this also means that you’ll have to get up early in order to arrive on time and will no doubt get caught up in the traffic from all the other people heading to the event. In a motorhome, you’ll almost certainly be able to stay far closer to where the action takes place and you’ll almost certainly have better facilities than all but the best hotels. You will have to cook your own breakfast though!
  • Tow your bike – if you have a trailer for your motocross bike, a motorhome is more than capable of pulling it, if not, you may be able to mount it on the back and some motorhomes have a ‘garage’ large enough to accommodate your machine as well as being easily able to fit all your other clothing and equipment.
  • Your own break and social space – After a hard day on the track, being able to relax away from the crowd can come as a blessed relief and being able to invite a few friends over to chill out with you in your motorhome’s lounge (and open up the 2 stroke vs 4 stroke debate for the umpteenth time) is sure to make you the most popular rider at motocross events.


Motocross Events and Motorhomes are made for each other

After a hard day on the track, there’s nothing you want to do more than clean up, pack up and go home. A motorhome allows you to be ‘home’ in an instant and you can jump in your own shower and freshen up as soon as you like, taking a nap or relaxing in front of the TV for a while even before you set off.

If you’ve never experienced the comfort and convenience of motorhome travel, or have been envious of the others already using them to travel to motocross events, why not contact us and make an inquiry about hiring a luxury motorhome from Priory Rentals. You’ll wonder why you never did it earlier!