Italy is a fantastic destination to visit when you hire a motorhome this summer. With the friendliness of the locals and the plethora of activities available; you can rest assured that this is a motorhome holiday that will be fun for all the family. To help you make the most of Italy, we’ve put together a brief guide for you to make the entire holiday one to remember.

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The most family friendly locations in Italy


Rome is a classic choice as one of the most well-known cities in Italy. The historical value here is unique and you will be able to experience a wide range of activities and experiences in the capital. Rome is perfect children of all ages which make it a great location for the entire family. This famous city is known for the romantic elements, although this is not the only draw, so you will not be stuck for choice if you decide to head out on a family trip. However, for the younger children, there are many other areas that are much more suitable, some of which are close enough to Rome to allow you to take a day trip.


Puglia is a perfect destination for children. As a less touristy destination, the quieter setting means that you will be confident that your children will be kept entertained and safe too. This area is wonderful for those looking for a relaxing beach holiday, as the range of both public and private sandy shores include many that are family friendly. The clear, shallow waters also mean that you can take them for a dip in the sea with confidence. There is also a wide range of attractions within Puglia including an aqua park, protected marine area and the Indiana Play Park.


Sicily is widely known as one of the most child-friendly areas in Italy, offering exciting adventures for both the younger kids and the older ones too! From puppet shows, ice cream shops and entertainment at the main piazzas to snorkelling trips, water sports and volcano climbing opportunities, Sicily has it all! Family discounts are widely available throughout the region and under 10s are usually free.


Abruzzo is one of the most underrated regions in all of Italy, but this will actually work to your advantage. The tourist season is often much quieter, meaning that you will get a much more authentic experience. The locals will be overjoyed to entertain the little ones at mealtimes and provide any extra information, tips and knowledge that will benefit your trip. Abruzzo itself if quite family orientated with the locals, so you can expect it to feel like a home away from home where you can become a part of the community in your short time there.

One disadvantage of Abruzzo is that the accommodation is known to be far from the most luxurious of places, however, this is one advantage you have when you hire a motorhome. When you hire a motorhome you have your accommodation sorted so with the many campsites located near abruzzo it’s safe to see why this is still a great place to visit.


Meal times in Italy are an absolute pleasure. Setting the fantastic array of rich foods aside (which is one of the best things about Italy), the locals simply love to engage with visitors (especially those with kids). The foods on the menu often cater to all children’s tastes, and if not, the chefs will likely be more than happy to rustle up something special. So with local food being a great option, it’s safe to say you won’t have to cook from your motorhome too often on this holiday.

Picnics at the local beaches are a wonderful experience and don’t forget to pick up some ice cream on your travels as Italian ice cream tastes delicious.

Extra activities

Aside from the local attractions, there are many other extra activities that you can do to keep the children entertained. If you are heading out on a walk, equip them with a disposable camera or a tick list and get them to take a snap of a number of Italian items on the list. You can include items such as traditional Trulli, ice cream, seashells and any wildlife. This will hold their focus and help them to engage with the wonderful world around them. They can have fun whilst enjoy some cultural and historical benefits at the same time. This gives you the option of enjoying your motorhome holiday with some educational benefits.

Priory Rentals top tips

  • Build the excitement by creating a countdown calendar
  • Plan a brief itinerary of all the things you’d like to do whilst travelling in your motorhome.
  • Research into the place you are staying to find local attractions, parks and areas that are child-friendly.
  • Pack a travel pack for the kids with some entertainment for  including snacks

If you are thinking of taking your children along with you on your motorhome break, then take a look through our range of motorhomes to be able to select one with sufficient room to be able to suit your needs for your family.