Horse Shows and Motorhome Hire - Special Discount for Club Members


At Priory Rentals, we’re already the North West’s number one when it comes to motorhome hire and for car and van hire too via our sister company. But did you know we also have a soft spot for horses and ponies? In particular, we love the excitement of getting ourselves and our favourite ponies ready for a competition or camp, competing with our friends and returning home with a handful of red rosettes.

We know that horses and ponies aren’t the cheapest creatures in the world to keep, so we thought we’d do something a little special for our fellow equestrians and offer a 20% discount throughout 2019 to other members of our two favourite organisations – The Pony Club and also the Mounted Games Association of Great Britain, so that our fellow members can enjoy better accommodation than the inside of their horsebox (or trailer) when they’re staying overnight for for competitions &Camps away from home.


Why Horse Events and Motorhome Hire Make Sense

Many of us cut our teeth at local shows, where staying up late to bath and brush our ponies, clean the tack and prepare a spare haynet or two is par for the course, usually followed by an early morning brushing out the aftermath of a night spent in a mucky stable, then loading up to travel a few miles to the show.

But for those of us who’ve got the mounted games bug or love going to pony camps and events, this starts to involve greater distances and overnight stays. This is where combining horse events and motorhome hire really starts to make real sense.

If you’re accustomed to towing your pony in a trailer, or even if you have access to a box, you’ll doubtless look after your four hoofed team-mate first, making sure he or she is comfortable en-route and has a stable or corral to stay in at the other end. Chances are, though, that you’ll put yourself last and rather than stay too far away from your precious pony, might end up sleeping in a cramped, basic bed if your horsebox has a ‘live-in’, or possibly even on an inflatable mattress in the back of your trailer if not.

If you’ve worked this hard to get to the big events, surely you deserve a but of luxury too? You’ll almost certainly appreciate having a comfortable, clean place to sleep, somewhere to safely store your tack and somewhere to shower and get changed into your pristine show gear without having to worry about getting full of shavings, hay….. or worse!

In short, having a motorhome to take to the horse shows, or to use to tow a horse trailer, makes for a far better experience and makes sure that you’re at your best when the time comes to impress the judges.


Our Special Offer for Pony Club and Mounted Games Association Members

For members of our two favourite organisations; the Pony Club (Area 4 only) and MGAGB (Nationally), we’re offering a 20% discount for the rest of the year, simply Priory Rentals and ask for the discount code which will need to be quoted when booking your motorhome for the horse shows you’re attending this year. By arrangement, we can also deliver your motorhome to the showground so that it’s there for you when you need it. Delivery is charged at £1 per mile from our Lancashire branch, with a minimum charge of £75.

Give yourself the best chance of success, stay in style and be the envy of all the other competitors by staying in a Priory Motorhome at your next Pony Club or MGAGB Event.

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