Glastonbury 2020

2020 Glastonbury is going to be bigger and better than ever; the 50 year anniversary and they have promised to increase capacity! With camping tickets going on sale Sunday 6th October! The 50th Anniversary Glastonbury Festival will be held at worthy Farm  on the 24th-28th June 2020 to secure your camping ticket for Glastonbury follow these top tips.

How to get Glastonbury 2020 tickets

  • Make sure you have registered online before 5pm on Monday 30th September, you can register at
  • Register as soon as possible in case you need to resubmit a photo, everyone who wants a ticket will need to register and upload a valid photo
  • Children under 12 are free and do not need to register
  • If you are already registered make sure details are up to date
  • On the morning of the ticket release make sure you are ready at the computer and go to
  • You can buy 6 tickets per transaction
  • To increase your chances organise your friends to all try at the same time with everyone’s details
  • Tickets are £265 per person + booking fee of £5
  • When booking you need to pay £50 deposit per ticket
  • If you don’t get through keep pressing F5 and refresh
  • Good luck!

Camping at Glastonbury

There are lots of different campsites for those camping in tents, but for motorhome and campervan camping you need to purchase a Campervan ticket. You can only get your campervan ticket after you have already gotten your ticket. The campervan tickets are released later in October and you need your valid admissions ticket details to buy your camping tickets.

Campervan tickets cost £125 for a standard pitch or £225 for a large pitch so depending on the size of your motorhome you may need the standard or large pitch, our team are happy to advise on this.

It’s worth getting campervan tickets early as they are very popular, so if you are lucky enough to get a ticket in the first wave you should book your campervan ticket as soon as they are released. Just like your festival tickets, the campervan tickets are non transferable and will be registered to you with your name and address printed on.

Motorhomes and campervans are a great way to experience Glastonbury, you get the full live experience of the music without having to experience the toilets!!

With British weather in summer being predictably wet, you can still experience Glastonbury to the extreme but most of our motorhomes have showers so you can start each day fresh.

Good luck getting tickets, we are really hoping to get some ourselves and hopefully see some of our happy campers next year.

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