Keep Connected On Your Motorhome Adventure

Staying Online On The Move In Your Motorhome

For many, motorhome travel and motorhome camping are the ultimate way to escape the online, on-demand pressures of an always connected existence, but for others, connectivity is a must, whether that be at home, on the move, or when camping.

Of course, accessing the internet while driving is something no-one should do, but you’re unlikely to be travelling alone and your passengers may well want to get online en-route and once safely parked, you yourself might like to check in, get browsing, or do some work from your laptop. So how do you keep connected during your motorhome adventure?


Take your mobile data with you

Chances are that your smartphone already has a certain data allowance as part of your contract or your PAYG plan. In most of Europe, calls and data will cost the same as at home, but do check with your mobile provider if in doubt. Bear in mind that data can get eaten up fairly quickly, especially if you’re tethering a laptop to your phone, so this could get expensive unless you have a very high data limit.


Use a Portable Hub to stay connected

If you have multiple devices with wireless but no sim card, you can take a mobile broadband hub which works the same way as your router at home, but uses the mobile network rather than a wired network. As with your mobile handset, you’ll doubtless have a data usage allowance or limit, so streaming a movie in HD might be best avoided until you find somewhere with wifi!

If you’re on the move and kids want to connect, their tablets, you might consider shadowing a coach that’s going the same way you are. Many modern coaches and buses have wifi for their passengers which is often strong enough to be picked up externally too allowing your passengers to ‘borrow’ the signal.


Seek Out The Signal

Wifi is getting better and better all the time and is also easier to find and to arrange for access. Many campsites will have some wifi availability either free of charge or for a nominal fee. If getting online is important for you, then it’s best to check in advance if you can to make sure that your planned stopover will allow you to get online.

Even if you can’t find a campsite with wifi, it’s not the end of the world, libraries, cafe bars, fast food outlets and numerous other public places have wifi available for their customers, so why not treat yourself to a latte while you log into the office and do your remoting?


Be a Digital Nomad in a Motorhome

With the advent of connectivity wherever you happen to be, it’s never been simpler to get online pretty much anywhere and everywhere, which opens up whole new ways of life to those whose work is entirely internet based. The prospect of indulging in the dream of extended travel while simultaneously earning a living to pay for it has given rise to ‘digital nomads’ – remoters who are working from a different location every day, maybe even a different country every day. It’s an attractive dream and one we heartily encourage! Why not hire a luxury motorhome, get connected and try out #Vanlife for yourself?