Make The Most of Winter Camping In A Motorhome

Motorhome Camping – Not Just For Warm Weather

One of the best things about motorhome travel is that you can do it any time. During the Summer, campsites will be full of tents and caravans, but winter camping seems almost entirely the domain of the motorhome adventurer. Meaning that there’s never a bad time to contact Priory Rentals about motorhome hire.

No matter what the season, the urge to explore is an itch that’s satisfying to scratch and a luxury motorhome is far more than a fairweather home on wheels. With this being the case, you can camp in comfort all year round without worrying about the temperatures dropping at night.

Modern motorhomes are so well insulated, they’re often a popular choice for avid skiers looking to spend less on accommodation without compromising on facilities during the European Ski Season and using their motorhomes as mobile ski chalets. If they can cope with winter on the mountains, motorhomes are more than up to the task of handling a little snow in Scotland or keeping you warm while camping in the Cotswolds.


Camping In A Winter Wonderland

There’s something wonderful about waking up from a comfortable night’s sleep in a luxury motorhome to find that it’s snowed overnight and that you have a pristine blanket of white all around you and all to yourself. Modern motorhomes tend to be well insulated and have heating systems that are more than up to the task of keeping you warm overnight. Having said that, do make sure you bring clothes for cold weather, chances are that you’ll have to go outside some time!

Running a heating system, whether that be using electric heaters, or the gas fire is likely to use a little more battery power or gas than you’d use in the summer, so make sure that both are fully charged before you set off and try to top them up as often as you can on your travels. When winter camping, It pays to stop off at campsites with electricity hookups to make sure that you can fully enjoy your motorhome’s creature comforts without worrying about draining the leisure battery.

If snow’s forecast, it’s best to assess the conditions of the places you choose to park overnight carefully. Motorhomes don’t have four wheel drive, so pick a spot that’s not going to leave you stranded if there’s an overnight blanketing. Consider bringing some rock salt (grit) and a shovel in order to help you get moving.


Make The Most of Winter Camping

The World’s still there in the winter, so why not go and explore it? Winter camping is a different experience to that of camping during warmer seasons. There are fewer people around and there’s a peace and a cosiness to motorhome camping in the cold. Motorhome camping is always a liberating experience, but winter camping in a motorhome has a distinct attraction all of its own which must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Don’t stay at home this winter, book a motorhome adventure and get out exploring while the fairweather campers hang up their tent pegs for the season.