Rediscover your inner child and share that with your children

Remove the structure, go explore and take joy in each new experience. We challenge you to rediscover your inner child. What better way to do that than to hire a motorhome from Priory Rentals?

Being a grown up comes with myriad responsibilities. There are things we have to do, day in and day out, that we do only because they have to be done, not because we want to. Habitually we engage in thoughtless escapism in front of the television to wind down and take our minds off that daily slog, we merely exist rather than truly living and this is a lesson we teach, by example, to our children. Perhaps we should teach better lessons!

The 21st Century is an incredible time to be alive, technology continues to advance tirelessly and interactive gadgets of all descriptions compete for our attention. Sometimes it’s easy to placate the kids with one screen or another, we’ve all done it, but it’s also essential for the little ones to make use of their innate, boundless energy to get out in the world, to make memories and have experiences that will last them a lifetime. Something Minecraft can’t help with.

Your younger ‘you’ knows what to do

If you’ve ever seen a three year old, dressed in wellies and head to toe rainwear, repeatedly jumping up and down in the same puddle, giggling with joy each time it splashes, you might have been reminded that simple happiness can be discovered anywhere and at any time. Perhaps you smiled as you experienced that delight vicariously. The world is full of splashy puddles. And squishy Mud. And creepy crawlies. And giant Trees. And pretty pebbles. Did you forget?

Think back to your own childhood, before there were mobile phones and before there was an internet. Where interacting with your friends meant going out and playing. Not sitting and snapchatting. Fast forward to today, with children growing up knowing instinctively how to operate a touchscreen, but never having climbed a tree. Knowing that images and sounds from any part of the world are just a mouse click away. But not knowing how it feels to be immersed in those places.

We’ve catalogued the World, but there’s no technology that can replace real experience of it. This is arguably the greatest gift you can give to your children, the chance to have the experiences you had when you were little. Experiences that in modern times, are being enjoyed less and less frequently.

You used to ride your bike until sundown, climb trees, build dams in streams, make rope swings, fall off them, scuff your knees, build dens and come home filthy. You grew up knowing that outside time was where you made your own decisions, learned to manage risk (you occasionally fell out of those trees right?), practiced your social skills with your peers and experienced the world ‘raw’ in an unstructured, unmanaged, un-curated way. That was real childhood. That was real education.

A motorhome adventure is the perfect way to enjoy quality time with the whole family. Life on the open road is innately unstructured. You come and go as you please, stop where you like and wing it for as long as you want. Every place you stop is new and exciting, with things to do, to see, to feel and to explore. Take yourself back to your own childhood and take your kids there with you.

Take joy in their discovery, see the wonder in their eyes, perhaps fight back a happy tear in your own. This is what life is really about. These are the times you’ll look back on when they’ve grown up and flown the nest. These are the memories they’ll cherish into adulthood. Don’t wait, don’t plan, don’t schedule, get in touch with us, book a motorhome holiday today and stoke the fire of their imagination.