Motorhome Camping in the Llyn Peninsula


On a glorious Summer’s day, or an even rarer sunny bank holiday, the traffic across the coast of North Wales has to be seen to be believed. Miles of glorious coastal road are packed with travelers heading to visit or even spend time camping in the Llyn Peninsula, one of the most popular parts of North Wales. While day trippers and caravanners will make up the majority of those making the westbound pilgrimage, the smartest way to enjoy a long weekend (or even longer) in one of the most lovely parts of Wales is to arrange motorhome hire and enjoy all the luxury and convenience a Priory Motorhome provides.


Best Places to Visit When Camping in the Llyn Peninsula

Described as ‘Snowdon’s Arm’, the Llyn Peninsula is an outcrop of land extending out into the sea on one side and almost cut off from the Welsh mainland by the mountains of Snowdonia. It has a famously unique ‘micro climate’ thanks to it being almost completely surrounded by the sea and being affected by the gulf stream too, which gives it a far more temperate, dry, almost Mediterranean feel that a location this far North shouldn’t really have. Add to this, a large selection of lovely sandy beaches and sheltered coves and it’s no wonder the area is a Mecca for those wanting to spend a day by the seaside.

Our main office is in Nantwich Cheshire, so we’re aware that any given sunny weekend, it seems half of our County makes a beeline for Abersoch. Sometimes referred to as ‘The Welsh Riviera’, Abersoch is a thriving seaside town which is well worth a visit, even if it does get extremely busy in high season. The Private campsite ‘The Warren’ located nearby is a collection of Chalets owned as holiday homes and anyone who’s visited this exclusive site will be aware that the cars and boats parked outside some of these little homes away from home are often worth more than other people’s houses!

In Summer especially, Abersoch is the host to numerous events, most notably Wakestock – a glamorous watersports festival centred around wakeboarding, but flanked by some of the eyewateringly expensive watercraft and yachts indigenous to the area!

Only slightly quieter, Pwllheli just up the coast is another small town well worth a visit. With both a harbour and a beach as well as plenty of shops and attractions, it provides all the sun sea and sand to keep little ones busy, as well as a range of watersport activities for the more adventurous.

On the North side of the peninsula, the town of Nefyn is just a short drive away and features the same clean sandy beaches which a feature of the whole Llyn Region. Similarly, watersports enthusiast will find much to do as will those who enjoy walks and cycling in the fresh coastal air.


Camping in the Llyn Peninsula in a Priory Motorhome

As you’d expect for such a popular location, there are plenty of options when it comes to camping in the Llyn Peninsula, with many campsites suitable for motorhome camping. You’ll have no trouble finding a perfect campsite for your needs, whether it’s a simple pitch in a field, to a full featured campsite with all the amenities.

Why not plan ahead and take a luxury motorhome when you next take a trip to North Wales. Our fleet is always kept up to date with the best and most recent motorhomes, so you’ll never feel out of place in this most glamorous part of Wales. Contact us to make your booking and enjoy the most stylish way to go camping in the Llyn Peninsula.