Motorhomes in the Movies

Priory Rentals knows that everybody loves a good film just as much as everybody loves an amazing motorhome getaway, so we thought we would find a few movies that cross the two over and tell you all about them. Take a look at what we found.

Meet the Fockers

Meet The Fockers is an amazing comedy film about an engaged couple that introduce their families to one another. This ends up with a horrific clash of characteristics and in return results in an amazing level of humour. With the movie starring some huge names such as Ben Stiller, Robert Di Niro and Barber Streisand, its swell worth a watch. The motorhome in this film has a few secrets to it and seems very futuristic, well worth a watch for anybody who loves comedy films.


Paul is a film about two gents who are on a road trip to a comic event and come across an alien driving erratically and crashing in the middle of the desert. They then find out that the alien needs their help escaping the secret service and in turn opt to help the alien get to his destination and therefore home. This is a very comical film and involved taking the alien on a journey of both laughs and education as the alien learns more and more about the world around him. Well worth watching although, it does contain scenes of adult humour.

We’re the Millers

We the Millers is a film based on Ed Helms who plays a drug dealer, that has to drive across the American border to Mexico to pick up a payload before returning. However, to get past the border he needs to find a fake family and take them along for the journey and therefore recruits a band of very different characters. He then takes them over the border into Mexico and back with various situations along the way getting him in the way of danger, embarrassment and hardship. Well worth a watch if you prefer a more mature comedy.


RV is a film from 2006 that boasts an amazing performance from Robin Williams, the film its self is based on Robin Williams having to take his family to a company meeting in Colorado instead of a Hawaii holiday and all of the grief this brings for him. Along the way, he suffers due to different scenarios and hardships resulting in some amazing humour, well worth a watch for the whole family.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is one of the best selling films of all time so the chances are you’ve probably seen it already since its release, nearly 20 years ago. The film its self is based on a island that houses a wide range of prehistoric dinosaurs that are roaming free, then one day the government decide they want to take some of said dinosaurs back to america and this ends in tears and a small group of the scientists sent along being left alone roaming the island. Within this film there’s a motorhome filled with scientific equipment, a vet’s lab and satellite links in a military like aesthetic. The motorhome is certainly something and makes this film well worth a watch for any enthusiasts.


Why not watch any of these films on your next Priory rentals getaway, check out our full range of motorhomes and see if there is anything for you.