New To Motorhomes? - Experience Vanlife For Yourself

Hiring A Motorhome For The First Time

You may have fond memories of going on holiday while growing up, staying in a family caravan or campervan and the fun times you had on the open road and numerous campsites with your family. Now that you’re all grown up, perhaps with a family of your own, maybe it’s time to relive the magic of your childhood and introduce your youngsters to the memories which they’ll look back on with fondness when they too grow up.

Things have moved on substantially since you were little. While still an inexpensive way to spend quality time making memories with your family, a luxury motorhome is now de rigueur when considering the best way to combine travelling and camping without having to compromise. With more creature comforts than a campervan and easier to manoeuvre than a caravan, while offering more space than both, a luxury motorhome is the only way to tour in style and comfort. A zeitgeist some would refer to as ‘Vanlife’.

If you’ve never stayed in a luxury motorhome before, or have never been in charge of leading your family on an adventure in one, we’ve gathered the following to help prepare you for your first taste of ‘Vanlife’ on the open road.


What does my driving license allow?

Depending on when you passed your driving test, there may be different classes of vehicles automatically added to your driving license. Typically, the more recently you passed your test, the fewer categories will be automatically included and you’ll need to take further driver training to get them added. With this being the case, before doing anything else, double check what your license allows you to drive. If in doubt, feel free to speak to us for guidance as to which categories each of our motorhomes fall in.


Consider a more local excursion for your first Motorhome Adventure

All of our motorhomes are as easy to drive as your car, you’ll find the controls familiar and thanks to the higher driving position, you’ll have a commanding view of the open road. However, bear in mind, that no matter how easy a motorhome is to drive, it’s a much larger vehicle than your car and as such, you’ll need to make adjustments to your driving to account for this. If you feel like you’d rather ease yourself into this new experience, it might be best to make your first taste of Vanlife a more local trip. There are plenty of wonderful places to visit all around the country, so you can stay well within your comfort zone on familiar roads while still enjoying the freedom only vanlife can bring.


Plan your Vanlife in advance – Choose your stopovers

As part of every luxury motorhome hire, Priory Rentals provides a Brit Stops guide and windscreen sticker which provides our customers with access to a network of free or inexpensive places to pitch up and stay overnight. When you have a luxury motorhome at your disposal, you’ll enjoy your vanlife far more by exploring several different places rather than just staying at a single campsite.


Vanlife – Camping no longer means compromise

One of the main advantages a luxury motorhome has over caravans an campervans is the quality of the accommodation. Vanlife in a Priory Motorhome means having all the comforts of your house, but smaller and more mobile. Expect a bathroom with a toilet and shower, expect a fully equipped but compact kitchen. Expect a comfortable, tastefully laid out lounge area complete with TV and expect to sleep in a comfortable bed – no inflatable mattress needed! A luxury motorhome is a tinyhome in every sense, a mini-suite where you get to choose the view you wake up to.


To arrange your first taste of Vanlife and explore the open road on a motorhome adventure of your very own, get in touch with us and arrange to hire a luxury motorhome for a break neither you nor your family will soon forget.