Sold Motorhome

You’ve hired motorhomes for a while but now want to take the next step and look at motorhomes for sale, you can own your very own motorhome!

Try Before You Buy

Only one thing can give you more freedom than hiring a luxury motorhome; owning one of your very own motorhomes, courtesy of Priory Rentals.

Your Motorhome tours have given you and your family the bug for adventure on the wide open road. You love the experience so much and you’ve exchanged your car for a motorhome so often, it feels like you have your own parking space at one of our offices. For us too it feels like our regular customers are practically family, so much so, we’d like to adopt you!

When our luxury motorhomes have looked after enough family adventures, there comes a time when they’re ready to belong to a family of their very own and we cordially invite you to buy a used motorhome, give one of our girls a loving home and join the Priory family forever.

Our customers deserve the very best so we constantly update our fleet, unfortunately, this means we occasionally have to say goodbye to one of our elder vehicles. However, this doesn’t mean that our available models for sale are old and worn out, quite the contrary; most are only around four years old with fewer than 40,000 miles on the clock and therefore, have many more miles, years and adventures left in them. Despite their relative youth, they’re available for around half what you’d pay for a new Motorhome. Imagine having one of our fine ladies forever at your disposal!


Extended Trial

You may already have seen our motorhomes for sale page, you may even recognise an old favourite from your previous travels, but just in case you want a little time to make your mind up, we’re delighted to be able to offer an extended trial before you buy on our range of motorhomes seeking their own home.

For a taste of what motorhome ownership might feel like, simply get in touch to arrange a 3-4 day hire of the motorhome you’re considering and if you love her so much you can’t bear to hand her back, we’ll deduct the hire cost from the purchase price as we prepare to send her on her way. Hankies at the ready.


A motorhome isn’t just for Christmas, she’ll bring you and your family joy for years to come.