remoting on the road with nomadic outworking

Remote working and outworking with a difference

In the connected world in which we live, we can be connected to anyone and anywhere at any time. If we choose to. Sometimes getting away from it all presents the opportunity to disconnect, unplug and spend a while ‘off the grid’. Indeed, that’s one of the attractions of the motorhome life on the road. However, at other times, the ubiquity of connectivity presents an opportunity to do the exact opposite, the chance to work your day job from wherever you please.

The traditional structure of a full time job involves getting up, travelling to a fixed place of work, then home again after eight or so hours, repeated five or six times a week. However, for many people, those who freelance, those whose job doesn’t require their physical presence, homeworkers, outworkers and remoters, more and more people are embracing the freedom to work wherever they please. Nomadic working may be in its infancy, but its popularity is on the rise.


Think outside the box – Your office can be where you park it

For people who work on sites, on location, or need a smart alternative to city commuting, the advantages of motorhomes are self-evident, however, if your work requires nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection, then why not indulge your wanderlust without being away from work? A holiday without taking a holiday.

If you have the freedom to work wherever you please, why work from home every day? Hiring a Luxury Motorhome and working from any location you feel like can be a liberating experience. Do you want an office with a seaview? You can have it. Would you like to work from a different country each day? Do it! When you can do your job from wherever you please, then why not find the most interesting places from which to work? If you just use your freedom to work from home every day, you’re missing out!

While the internet is full of stories of people who’ve downsized to a motorhome and have adopted the nomadic outworker existence full time, we’re not suggesting you should go to that extreme, but a change is as good as a rest, or so the saying goes and when taking a week or two off work isn’t an option, there’s no longer any reason why you still can’t enjoy a holiday.

Book your mobile office today and experience ‘Remoting’ first hand

If you’d like to spend a week or two dipping your toe in the real freedom that ‘vanlife’ can give you, while still earning the money to fund your adventure, get in touch to book your luxury motorhome and turn the traditional concept of a 9-5 on its head. You might find remoting truly liberating!