Roller Team Motorhomes For Hire at Priory Rentals


At Priory Rentals, we’re experts when it comes to motorhome hire and we make sure we add motorhomes to our fleet which have the best and most up to date features, provide the best performance and give motorhome adventurers the very best experience. Our loyal customers deserve no less. We have a tremendous choice of motorhomes for hire in the Priory Fleet, but when we set out to place orders for new models, we find ourselves, time and time again drawn to  Roller Team motorhomes and have no fewer than 12 different models to hire from this Italian based manufacturer, in a range of sizes and specifications.

Suffice to say, we’re huge fans of Roller Team Motorhomes and rightly so. They’re consistently kitted out to a high standard as we demand for our customers, easy to use and thanks to their distinctive Italian flair for design, look absolutely spectacular both inside and out.

roller team auto roller 694


Budget Friendly Roller Team Motorhomes

Italian design and a whole host of features doesn’t have to come at a high price. We have Roller Team motorhomes available starting at £78.00 per day.

Available in either manual and automatic, the 4 berth Auto-Roller 694 is one of our best value, fully equipped motorhomes. Spacious and generously equipped, you’ll be amazed at the clever use of space and all the modern conveniences included. Despite the low price, this motorhome has all the comforts of home. This particular model can also be hired as a pet friendly motorhome, so there’s no barrier to bringing along the whole family for your adventure.


Roller Team T-Line 590

Low Cost Luxury Roller Team Motorhomes

For a little more per day, our more demanding customers can upgrade to the best value luxury motorhomes in our fleet.

The Roller Team T-Line 590 is another 4 berth model from Roller Team Motorhomes, which while being compact, feels far more spacious on the inside thanks to the inspired design, featuring an electrically operated drop down bed and light colour scheme. This model is availabe from as little as £92.00 per day which is terrific value for a motorhome of this calibre.

For a slightly larger model, this time with 5 berths, the Zefiro 685 is a terrific option and great value from £94.00 per day. With a tasteful and spacious interior and all the modern features you’ve come to expect, as well as the Roller Team Motorhomes ‘Lux pack’, you get a little more in every respect from this popular motorhome.

Another of the many Roller Team Motorhomes we have in the Zefiro range, the Zefiro 696 features an Island bed and en-suite in the huge master bedroom area, with enough space in the front to accomodate a drop down double and over-cab single bed.

In the same price bracket but with 6 berths a little more space and a slightly different layout to suit, the Zefiro 675 is a terrific choice for even larger families. Kids are sure to love the rear bunk beds!

The Zefiro 690G is the last of the four Roller Team Motorhomes starting at £94.00 per day. Once again the layout is slightly varied, with the 6 berths being made up of three double beds, this is perfect for a group of friends on tour.


Roller Team Auto Roller 746

Roller Team Motorhomes With a Little Extra

Moving the price bracket up to our motorhomes starting from £100 per day, you’ll find three different Roller Team Motorhomes to choose from, each with their own merits to make them a perfect choice for your family motorhome adventure.

With 6 berths and a large U-shaped lounge, the Auto-Roller 746 provides even more space for the occupants to travel and live in style, with all the luxury you deserve and all the features you expect. Available as a Pet Friendly motorhome, you’re welcome to bring along your four legged friend for the ride too!

Another of the 6 berth motorhomes in this price bracket and with very similar features,the Auto-Roller 747 Low Line is arranged a little differently to the 746, but is equally suitable for larger families.

The last and the largest of the trio of Roller Team Motorhomes in this price bracket is the Auto-Roller 707 Low Line. The lowest cost 7 berth motorhome in our fleet, this huge motorhome provides unrivaled space for the largest of families, but due to its size, you’ll need the C1 Category on your license to hire this exceptional motorhome.


Pegaso 740 Motorhome

Our Most Luxurious Roller Team Motorhomes

For a motorhome hire experience that’s second to none, look no further than the range topping Roller Team Motorhomes in the Priory Rentals fleet. With uprated features, materials, layout and extras, these are some of the most stylish models you’ll find anywhere, a must for a truly luxurious camping experience.

The Roller Team T-Line 740 is deceptively compact, but step inside and you’ll be amazed by the dazzling high-spec features hidden withing. With tasteful glossy surfaces and opulent upholstery, you’ll be in no doubt that this 5 berth motorhome is a cut above the rest.

Moving up tot the smaller of the two A-Class motorhomes in our fleet, the Pegaso 590 has to be experienced to fully appreciate its grandeur. Providing a motorhome experience second to none for up to 4 occupants, this is the ultimate way for families to travel in style.

The second and larger of the A-Class Roller Team Motorhomes we have available, our Pegaso 740 motorhomes are truly something else. With 4 berths, this model is larger than the 590 and offers unparalleled space and luxury for its occupants. Once you’ve traveled in this model, anything else will seem like a compromise!


Hire one of our Roller Team Motorhomes

At priory Rentals, we have more Roller Team Motorhomes for hire than any other brand in our fleet and for good reason. They’re well equipped, well constructed and deservedly popular. Check out our motorhomes or hire, contact us to make your booking and find out for yourself why we love Roller Team Motorhomes!