Roving With Rover - Our Dog Friendly Motorhomes

Dog Friendly Motorhome Hire From Priory Rentals

There’s no denying it, the weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer again and we can practically hear the open road calling. The allure of wide open spaces and getting out into the great outdoors is something our motorhome hire customers can’t get enough of. But do you know who else simply cannot get enough of the great outdoors? – Your dog! So why not book one of our dog friendly motorhomes and take your pet pooch along for the ride?


What’s great about Dog Friendly Motorhomes?

Naturally, the best thing about Dog Friendly motorhomes is that you can take your dog on your camping trip with you! Your dog, after all, is the one who will help you get the most out of your motorhome holiday.

The beds in a luxury motorhome are so comfortable and relaxing you’ll want to have a lie in every day. But who won’t let you have a lie in? Who will, instead, make sure you’re wide awake, dressed and out for a long walk at the crack of dawn? You guessed it! Your dog will make sure you pack the most into every single day.

Anyone who shares their lives with a dog knows full well that they exist in a world that, when they’re with you, their glass is permanently half full. Dogs bring excitement, enthusiasm and giddy energy to any adventure they share with their favourite humans and the sheer joy they take from life is not only infectious, but they have plenty to share. So at Priory Rentals we say share away!


Book one of Our Dog Friendly Motorhomes

With sunny weather just on the horizon and a Summer that looks set to be one of the hottest on record, why not book one of our pet friendly motorhomes and start counting the days until your motorhome adventure?

We’ve recently expanded our motorhome fleet, but even so, not all our luxury motorhomes are pet friendly and there’s always a high demand for those that are. So to avoid disappointment and the prospect of booking your canine companion into  kennel, make sure you contact us today to reserve one of our dog friendly motorhomes and get ready to set off for a summer of fun with your faithful friend?