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With Outlander season 3 set to air soon, many fans of the spell-binding drama are set to travel to Scotland in a Motorhome in the ultimate act of devotion, a pilgrimage to some of the key locations on the shoot.

Craig na Dun

High on their agenda will be a trip to Craig na Dun, the scene of Claire’s first entry into Jamie’s world and the culmination of their struggle to prevent the Jacobite rebellion that would ultimately meet its end at Culloden.

Craig na Dun was itself a figment of Diana Gabaldon’s imagination, however, the beautiful vistas, regal castles and mystical standing stones were all inspired by real places, lending a sense of authenticity which has much to do with the widespread appeal of the show.

Although fans might be disappointed to learn that the site used to film the Craig na Dun scenes is bereft of standing stones, they will not be disappointed in the breath-taking views that greet them at Kinloch Rannoch in Perthshire.  Many important scenes took place at Kinloch and it is easy to see why.

The stones themselves are a reimagining of the Callanish and Clava Cairns which are also popular sites for Tourists and well worth a visit!


Castle Leoch

Next, we have Castle Leoch.  The rather imposing castle used to depict Castle Leoch is Doune Castle, located near to Stirling.  Doune Castle is quite the structural celebrity.  As well as being used extensively during series one of Outlander, it can also boast Game of Thrones fame as it was used to film the interior of Winterfell.  Definitely a ‘must see’ for fans of both series!

Another must see is the Highland Folk Museum.  Producers on the show must have been delighted to find a complete highland village, requiring little or no preparation for filming.

Even if you are not a fan of the show, set a couple of hours aside to explore the museum which can be found in the eastern Cairngorms, to get a real sense of how Highlanders used to live.


Blackness Castle

If you are a fan of the spine-tingling chill, then a trip to Blackness Castle in West Lothian should be on the cards.  This is the building used to depict Fort William in the series and formed the backdrop to Jamie’s brutal flogging and Claire’s dramatic rescue from the hands of Black Jack Randall.

To continue in this sobering vein, a trip to the battle field of Culloden and a chance to pay their respects to those that lost their lives is also firmly on the agenda for many fans.



However, after all that drama Outlander fans might be in need of change of pace and what better place to end your trip than the beautiful Lallybroch, perhaps better known as Midhope Castle on the Hopetoun Estate.  You will require a permit to visit which can be purchased on the nearby farm shop, although fans should note it is derelict inside.

With tourist season fully underway, hotels, b&b’s and cottages may be in short supply but worry not, we have the ideal solution!

With so many miles to cover between these stunning locations, why not take your living space along with you by hiring a motorhome.  Not only is this a cost effective and efficient way to pack in as much Outlander as possible, but it saves on the downtime required to research, book and check in and out of all the different accommodation required.

Best of all a Motorhome allows you to get off the beaten track and really experience Scotland in all its glory, safe in the knowledge that you can take a rest break to leaf through your favourite chapters in complete comfort, whenever you need to.