Wales has always been famous for being the land of the dragons and magic dating back to it’s Celtic tribes such as the Ordovices or the Silures. Even the flag its self comes from a legend of the red dragon saving the land from the grips of a white ice breathing brother so it stands to reason that the country would have some truly magical and legendary spots. For these reasons We’ve put together some stunning locations in Wales for you to visit in your motorhome this Winter.


Fairy Glen

Firstly there is Fairy Glen, in welsh it is called Hud Ffos Noddun which translates as magic deep ditch. the cascades bend through the rocks and rapids down past the village of Betws Y Coed and eventually into the woodland and sea


Then, there is Dan-Yr-Ogof Powys which is an extensive cave network under the Brecon Beacons national park. There is in total three caves, the first is the massive cavern and walking network. The second is a spectacular cave with a flow of water into the cave giving amazing underground water falls. The third is the bone cave where people to to be able to find artefacts’ from their past. It is thought that the caves span in total 150km across Wales through a tight crawl space and an underwater cave. However, no one has dared to ever try to reach the end through the underwater cave and only 16km has ever been explored. This in theory could mean that the caves could reach as far as Birmingham or Shrewsbury.

Dinorwic Quarry

Dinorwic Quarry is next on our list with its old mine shafts and blue lagoon at the base of the steep slope it looks like something from an old medieval fortress. The quarry its self is only open on one side and has multiple ways to be able to get from the top or the bottom including a jump from the top into the lagoon (not advised) which is very popular among the trained professionals. At one point it was the biggest quarry in Europe producing over 100,000 tonnes of slate a year. However, with modern day technology it has became dated and abandoned making it perfect for the explorer.

Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey was founded in 1131 by the Lord of Chepstow, it fell into disarray in the early 15 century with a loss of money, recruits and a renegade of rebels breaking its roof through on a conquest for England. The Abbey has since been derelict and is situated in the Welsh country side looking magnificent.

St Govan’ Chapel

St Govan’ Chapel would be next. This little hide away is here so that St. Govan could warn the local villages of pirate attacks. The little building is built on top of a cave so that people could come to pray in the chapel and he would live in the cave underneath. this was so that if anybody came in search of thieving the chapel he could stop them. The Saint is said to have built the chapel to be able to get out of the way of the pirates when they attacked in the mid 500’s as he could keep a watch for there invasion and run to the village to warn the people before they could reach him. This was the perfect spot for the aspiring saviour as the chapel was camouflaged into the cliff and the narrow passage to the sea meant the ships couldn’t land here and had to land further up the coast line.


All these stunning locations above would make great destinations to visit this Winter. Be sure to book in advance when you are hiring a motorhome from us to make sure you avoid any disappointment when booking.