summer holiday 2018

Start the summer in style with a Motorhome Adventure

While we’re through the worst of the winter, it’s about the right time to start thinking of warmer weather and planning for your summer sunshine. If you’ve yet to experience the unparalleled freedom of a luxury motorhome excursion, then you’re in for a real treat.

With motorhomes large enough to accomodate up to seven people in comfort and style, there’s never been a better time for you and your family to explore the world in your own way, on your terms and in your own time.


More than a mere campervan

Put all thoughts of a cramped campervan out of your mind, a Motorhome from Priory is a far grander experience. Imagine cruising the highways in an opulent cabin, sitting high above the regular traffic. Picture yourself coming and going as you please travelling further and exploring more. Consider that getting back to your accommodation no longer involves limiting yourself to a fixed radius from wherever you’re staying, because your room travels with you. For these and many other reasons besides, a motorhome adventure is far superior to a ‘cheap’ package holiday.


A cheap family holiday doesn’t need to be a compromise

For all the advantages of a Motorhome, the most surprising is the price. Add up the summer cost of a flight and a hotel for your family and you’ll probably have already far exceeded the cost of hiring a Motorhome for the same period. Imagine spending that money instead on visiting places and enjoying experiences which will make the most enduring memories for you and your family to look back on for years to come. You’re not limited to travel in the UK either, feel free to take your motorhome adventure across The Channel and while we acknowledge a plane might be a bit faster, there’s a chance that door to door, there won’t be much difference and we guarantee a continental roadtrip will be much more fulfilling, than simply flying to one destination and staying there!

Free yourself from the stress of bag weight restrictions, queues, waiting in line, lugging heavy cases, cramped cabins and trying to shepherd the kids through airport crowds. Instead, speak to us about the joys of a Summer holiday in a luxury motorhome. Better for your family, better for your pocket and better for your sanity.