Take A Motorhome To The Mediterranean For Some Winter Sunshine

Turn Winter Into ‘Winning’ and Escape The Cold

While it’s getting pretty cold here in Northern Europe, it’s still warm down at the Southern end of the continent, so why not take a trip down to the Mediterranean this winter and get a little winter sunshine?

The first chills of winter are just beginning to bite, there’s frost on the windscreen and on the ground, you can see your breath when you breathe. Chances are that you already have your big coat, hat, gloves and scarf on before heading outside and if you wear glasses know to take them off before heading inside to avoid being blinded by the instant condensation. While it can be cosy to sit in front of a roaring fire, wouldn’t it be far better still to be sat on a beach soaking up the sunshine? Of course it would, so why not pack up an go?


A Midwinter Motorhome Trip To The Mediterranean

Chances are that you already know the joys of an adventure with luxury motorhome hire from Priory Rentals (if not, you’re in for a double treat), so you’ll already know that a roadtrip in a luxury motorhome with your family is not only the best way to travel by road, it’s probably the best way to travel full stop. Book a luxury motorhome for a week or two, simply pack up your family and head South to where the Ferries are. A quick hop across the channel and continue south until you reach the Mediterranean destination of your choosing and soak up as much sunshine as you can!

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to do all that travelling in one go. You can stop every few hours to take in an interesting village, dine on some local food and simply take your time to enjoy the simple pleasure of being able to go wherever you please with practicality no demands on your time. The network of Aires found across Europe meant hat wherever you choose to spend a night, you’ll always be able to find a spot to park up and stay.


The South of France

The quickest way to experience a little Winter sunshine is to take a trip to France and stay there. The South of France has all the sea, sun, sand and continetal culture you coulf want. But it’s also a gateway to other places too.

The Costa Del Sol

Needing no introduction, this popular Mediterranean resort in Spain is a favourite amongst holidaymakers, with sandy beaches, palm trees and blue seas, it’s an idyllic and inviting place to visit even at this time of year.

The Croatian Coast

Head East from Venice and you’ll cross the border from Italy into Croatia. With an up and coming tourist scene and several Mediterranean beach resorts, you’llbe spoilt for choice as to where to pitch up and discover what this beautiful country has to offer.


If an Italian Road Trip is more your style, then why not head through Rome to Naples? Visit the ruins of Pompei, enjoy the marvellous coastline and of course, dine on the fabulous Neapolitan cuisine.

A Ferry To Greece

TO take your Mediterranean adventure further, head to Brindisi in South Italy and catch a ferry to Greece. You could, of course, head to the beaches, but you may also like to explore mainland Greece and see the country as the locals do for a more authentic adventure.



Winter Sunshine, When Your Wanderlust Costs You Less

As well as the undeniable joy and unrivalled freedom that accompanies any motorhome adventure, it’s especially pleasing to know that your adventure is costing you less. Winter is our ‘off-season’ so hiring a motorhome is far cheaper at this time of year than it would be in the summer, so you’ll have a little more in your pocket to spend on your Mediterranean Adventure and on the souvenirs you bring back.

Book Your Motorhome Adventure and get some winter sunshine in the Mediterranean.