The Advantages of Autumn Camping

Autumn Camping – Adventure Doesn’t End With Summer

After months of warm weather and glorious sunshine has made motorhome camping a joy, it’s worth remembering that while the calendar says the summer has ended, the weather doesn’t always pay attention and Autumn camping, especially in the early Autumn can be just as enjoyable.


Summer’s Over But The Holidays Aren’t

The start of the new school year starts in Autumn, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a motorhome camping holiday. If you’re taking the kids, then you can still enjoy a weekend break, but if there aren’t little ones to consider, you can spend more time away still. Either way, the weather is still relatively warm and sunny,  the campsites, resorts and tourist hotspots are still open, but all are likely to be far less crowded.

Thanks to the laws of supply and demand, the start of the ‘off-season’ is often great value too, so your money is likely to go further no matter where you go and what you do.


Cooler Weather Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

As we progress through Autumn, nights are drawing in and the climate is getting cooler. For those who struggle to sleep when it gets too warm or too bright, the dark embrace of longer, cooler evenings and pitch black skies will come as welcome respite. Chiller nights are no problem when you’re camping in a motorhome, you’ll always be able to stay cosy.

It might not yet be time to break out the winter woollies, but after months of sweltering in shorts and t-shirt, it’s oddly comforting to put on a coat before heading outdoors.


Nature Changes on an almost daily basis

Autumn is a wonderful season to get out and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. At the start of Autumn, the climate can still be warm but far more tolerable, mid-Autumn sees the start of seasonal change as nature prepares itself for winter in all its red, brown and golden toned glory, with late Autumn blessing you with bright sunshine, crisp mornings and a freshness to the air.


Book Now to Enjoy Autumn Camping

Autumn camping is great no matter how you do it, but motorhome camping is the absolute best way to go. You can enjoy the great outdoors when the weather’s lovely and batten down the hatches to stay cosy when it isn’t.

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