Motorhome destinations to visit this summer

One of the best things about motorhome travel is the freedom to go when and where you please at the drop of a hat. They’re simply the best way of enjoying your free time on your own terms. Getting out and exploring this country, or even several countries is a breeze and takes much of the planning out of a transcontinental trip. Think of the time you’d spend planning your itinerary, researching hotels or B&B’s, finding the places you’ve booked, unpacking, re-packing the following day and then trying to squeeze in some actual sightseeing in between. When you hire a motorhome, you get to spend far more time doing what you want to do, seeing what you want to see and moving on whenever you please. Less planning, less organising, less stress. Why would you explore any other way?

If you’re inspired to take an extended road trip this summer and are looking for some ideas for your next voyage of discovery, why not consider the some of following? Destinations we think are amongst the best places to visit this summer.


Scotland – Edinburgh

edinburgh - places to visit this summer

If you’re not quite ready to take a motorhome across The Channel and face the prospect of driving on the wrong side of the road (it’s not as hard as you’d think), then why not head to Bonny Scotland this summer? As we’re enjoying a heatwave right now and chances are that it’ll be many months before you’ll need your ‘big coat’ again, it’s a perfect time to spend time exploring the natural rugged beauty to be found all over the lowlands and highland of Scotland. Do make sure you take plenty of insect repellant though, the notorious Scottish midges love the summer too!

While ‘wild camping’ is perfectly acceptable north of the border and you should try it at least once, heading the Scottish Capital of Edinburgh is a must too. The city itself has plenty of campsites within easy reach making a motorhome stopover a perfect way to see the many sights of this historic and beautiful city. If you’re planning on staying for a few days, then we recommend you take the whisky tour on day one, not your last day!


Bordeaux – France

Bordeaux - places to visit this summer

Most European roadtrips begin and end in France, so why not linger a while? While there are numerous places to visit and to stay, wine connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs alike would almost certainly enjoy spending time in the Bordeux Region in the SouthWest of the country. Like much of France, there are picturesque winding roads, pretty villages and glorious weather and a slower more relaxing pace to life. Naturally though, you’ll want to collect some souvenirs, by the bottle and in a Region famous for some of the best wines in the world, it’d be a pity not to bring back some future vintages for your wine cellar.


Bergen – Norway

bergen - places to visit this summer

In the heat of the summer, Norway is much more accessible to visit this summer for drivers who would prefer to avoid driving in the snow and ice of the winter. Bergen is regarded as the gateway to Noway’s Fjords and is a wonderful place to visit, full of sights, foods and attractions that you’d struggle to find anywhere else. Described as a big city with a village feel, there’s a little something for everyone in Bergen, named the European City of Culture in 2000. There’s history aplenty for those with an interest in museums and art galleries. Fans of seafood are in for a treat and the fish markets are unmissable and if you’re a foodie, the Bergen Matfestival from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September is something you’ll want to be there for.

There’s much to reccomend Bergan and the rest of Norway too, but one of the best things about both the city is and the country is that while they’re fairly accessible and easy to get to, they’re less popular than some other places in Europe, so there’s less chance of your stories of your Nordic  adventure being interrupted with words along the lines of “When we went there we did this…….”


Salzburg – Austria

salzburg - places to visit this summer

With large parking areas recently built with motorhomes in mind and direct links via public transport to the city, the Austrian City of Salzburg is a great place to visit by motorhome. Make sure you pick up a ‘Salzburg card’ which allows free access to the city’s public transport networks and many of the tourist attractions, making this delightful city a really affordable place to spend some time.

Looking like a location straight from a fairytale, Salzburg is packed full of history and perfect example of the old truism ‘if it isn’t baroque, don’t fix it’. The city is famous as the birthplace of the composer Mozart and the musically inclined would do well to visit the museum attractions dedicated to his life and work.

You might be interested to know that Salzburg is also the home of the notorious energy drink/mixer Red Bull, whether it tastes any better there than it does here remains a matter of opinion!


Bucharest – Romania

bucharest - places to visit this summer

Another less well-travelled destination which is well worthy of your attention and your cisit this summer, is the Romanian Capital of Bucharest. Located in the south East of the country, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop and see other Romanian attractions on your way, but once you each Bucharest itself, you’ll certainly be in for a treat.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how far your money goes. City life usually comes with a premium, but to those accustomed to Manchester or even London prices, eating and drinking in Romania is incredibly affordable, your motorhome’s kitchen may well find itself being completely neglected! In fact, anywhere you need to spend money will leave you with far more left in your pocket afterwards.

The architecture of the city is a very mixed bag, you could find buildings there which remind you of some of the attractions elsewhere around Europe. There’s even a version of the Parisian ‘Arc de Triomphe’ with a name as similar in sound as the arc is in looks.


When looking for places to visit this summer, follow the road less travelled

While we hope these destinations have given you some ideas for places to visit this summer on your next motorhome adventure, there are innumerable destinations, some well know and oft-visited, others almost unknown and off the beaten track, all of which worthy of your attention and being included on your own tour.

Where will you visit this summer? Will it be a tourist trap, or a trip on your own terms. The beauty of motorhome travel is the flexibility to abandon the plan, abandon ‘the usual’ and make your holiday your own. Simply contact us to book a luxury motorhome of your own and we’ll help you travel in style!