Priory Rentals understands that some of the busier tourist attractions in Europe can deter a wide range of people simply because they are too busy to enjoy properly or have been spoilt by tourists over the years. Therefore, we have brought you five picturesque locations for you to be able to enjoy your holiday in without the ruined scenery or busy rushed streets.

Kungsleden, Sweden

Kungsleden, Sweden

Kungsleden is a hiking trail located in the Northern Region of Sweden, the trail its self encompasses over 270 miles of beautiful and virtually untouched European landscape and in turn makes it somewhere you should visit if you have a longing for exploration and nature. The Swedish trail is open all year round and during the winter becomes a cross-country ski route with a few small changes to the route to be able to ease the terrain.

With a starting point in trail is the Abisko village in the north and Hemavan in the south, however if you’re choosing not to commence the trails from the beginning and simply want to visit a mid-point on the trail then you may have difficulty due to its remote nature in the Northern Nordic Mountains. The midpoint of the route is however accessible through the Sarek national park and this section of the route offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in Sweden with the blue untouched lakes, rocky surroundings and rolling mountains.

Loch Maree

Loch Maree, Scotland

Loch Maree is an untouched loch in the northernmost region of Scotland on the NC500 road trip route, the lake holds over 60 small wood islands and a few of these islands have smaller land locked lakes within them making it a very tranquil location to visit. With its very northern and remote aesthetic, the loch is virtually untouched by tourism and in turn is a beautiful unspoilt Scottish wilderness.

The lake is the sixth largest loch in Scotland and the largest loch north of Loch Ness, so for this reason offers a range of water sports to the locals and the occasional tourist. The lack of public travel links and the distant location means that not many tourists stumble across is and in turn, you should be able to find yourself a motorhome campsite and an array of attractions at a very reasonable price.

Fort Bourtange

Fort Bourtange, the Netherlands

Fort Bourtange is a fortress made through the 80 years war between the Dutch colonies and Spain. Build in the Netherlands and in 1593 it carries the aesthetic of the country and replicates everything it stands for with its picturesque atmosphere, cannels, fields and general scenery. Everything about the fortress just screams for attention sand makes it a beautiful place to visit.

The fortress its self seems to be dismissed from common tourism for some reason and in turn remains relatively untouched and still in its original state. This makes it perfect as the star shaped moat and 430-year-old walls add to the wow factor of the location. Sat just on the border of the Netherlands and Germany this is one of the most accessible locations within this article and makes for a very easygoing laidback trip.


Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is one of the most culturally relevant cities in Europe with direct links to the East Roman Empire, Dalmatian Empire, Bulgarian Empire, Saracens,  Russian Empire and the Hapsburg’s; it’s safe to say the city saw its fair share of political and military action. The signs from all of these different empires are visible throughout the city with a wide range of buildings and other attractions in various styles. The Venetian walls, roman gates and Byzantine watchtowers are just a small example of the cultural diversity, which has befallen up on the city.


Käsmu, Estonia

Käsmu is perfect for anybody who loves tranquillity and is only a short journey from England. The village its self is a small North Estonian fishing village set in the Lahemaa National Park, it is this surrounding and small nature of the village, which deters a wide array of tourists. However, this works in your favour as it leaves you some amazingly beautiful coastline to navigate along with a range of small Bohemian hamlets to explore.

If you love any of these locations; why not take a look at our motorhome range, book your motorhome and head away on a beautiful European retreat.