The NC500 in a Motorhome - One of the Best Drives in The World

Travel the Incredible NC500 In Scotland

The world is full of incredible places to drive. Some are challenging exhilarating roads which let you get the most out of the car you’re diving, others are well know for the sheer majesty of the scenery which greets you as you drive along them. The NC500 in Scotland is certainly one of the latter and as well as being within easy reach, it’s a route which regularly appears on numerous lists of the world’s best roadtrips, described as the UK’s answer to the famous Route 66 in America. A drive like the ‘North Coast 500’ has to be seen and experienced to be fully appreciated, it’s 516 miles long though, so you’ll need a few days to truly take it in, making it a perfect opportunity to arrange Motorhome hire from Priory Rentals and explore it at your own pace.


Where is the NC500?

As the name suggests, the NC500 is a mostly coastal route which runs adjacent to the northern Scottish coastline. It’s a circular route too, so you can start anywhere along its 516 mile length and it’ll eventually lead you back to where you started, but many who embark on this drive of a lifetime, begin and end their journey in Inverness.

Heading clockwise from Inverness, the NC500 heads west to Applecross on the west coast before heading more or less north to Durness. From there, head east along the rugged North coast to John O’Groats, before heading back South along Scotland’s East coast which eventually leads you back to Inverness.


How Long Does it Take To Drive the NC500?

How long do you have? The NC500 could feasibly be covered in a day of driving, but what’s the point of that? There are so many sights to see, so why not give yourself a long weekend, or even a whole week to take it all in?

Along this breathtaking route, you’ll see Scotland the way you always see it portrayed in film and on TV. With mountains, glens, fields of heather, highland cattle, deer, lochs and valleys. Every twist and turn presents you with a magical picture postcard view you’ll want to slow down or even stop to admire. So while you can drive it quickly, you should give yourself as much time as you can to really drink it all in.


When is the best time to see the NC500?

When the weather’s sunny, the North of Scotland is a place of ethereal beauty, at other times however, it can be prone to screaming gales, torrential rain, freezing temperatures and impassable snow, so it’s important you choose the right time of year for your motorhome adventure. For the best chance of an enjoyable trip, any time from April to October will give you the best chance to get the most out of your trip, the height of Summer being the absolute best time.


Book Your Motorhome for the NC500 – The Drive of a Lifetime

With all the festivals, staycations and other events happening in the summer, it’s essential to book your motorhome early to avoid disappointment. If you’d like to experience the sheer majesty of the NC500 this summer, contact us to reserve your luxury motorhome and get ready to experience one of the best driving routes in the world.