With being able to tour Ireland being more accessible now than ever before, it is safe to say that it is at least worth considering renting a Priory rentals motorhome and looking into for your next motorhome getaway. Even more so with the ferry crossing being situated so close to both of our offices and only taking 8 hours including boarding times and unloading. Take a look at some of the attractions Ireland has to offer!

Guinness Storehouse

Dublin Guinness Factory in Ireland - Priory Rentals

If you want a true and more literal taste of Ireland then little can beat visiting the Guinness storehouse and exploring behind the scenes of the national drink of Ireland. The journey through the Guinness storehouse spreads over seven floors ranging from the historical effects that shaped the brand and Irelands history all the way to the skyline views and tasting bar at the top of the complex. Well worth a visit for anybody who wants to learn more about Ireland and does not mind getting a free pint of Guinness in the process.

Camac Valley is a campsite just inside the city limits of Dublin and allows you to be able to head out throughout the city using public transport every day. This gives you a perfect foothold to be able to visit the Guinness Storehouse and whatever else Dublin has to offer you.

King Johns Castle

King Johns Castle ireland - Priory Rentals

King Johns Castle is a very historically important site in Ireland, home to many sieges and battles from Viking and British invaders. This castle holds a lot of history indeed. It has been home to a multimillion-euro redevelopment in recent years to bring it back to its former glory and restore the walls that fell due to the first siege during the 1642 siege of Limerick.

There is a motorhome friendly campsite a short journey from the castle in a countryside area called Adare. Here in the rolling fields is the Adare Camping and Caravanning Park, which has everything you could possibly need from a campsite when you bring your motorhome along. It is not open all year round however; when it is open, it can become very busy so may need booking in advance to be able to secure a pitch.

Cork City Gaol

Cork gaol- Priory Rentals

This former prison turned museum sits in the city of cork and brings in thousands of tourists every year. The museum and even the walls themselves tell the world a story of civil war, criminality and invasion. This in turn makes the whole museum a very interesting place that is well worth a visit and your time. It even has links to the IRB, which was the predeceasing group to the IRA making it very interesting and political indeed.

Blarney Caravan and Campsite is an amazing place to be able to stay the night if you are looking for comfort. The campsite offers added extras such as a golf course and even discounts to the surrounding attractions such as the Gaol and wildlife park if you stay here. These little extras make it very busy all year round even in the off season so although it’s not usually full on the off season it is still worth booking ahead just in case.

Lough Gur

Lough Gur ireland luxury motorhome - Priory Rentals

This location is still in the past and highlights its self with its amazing array of Neolithic landmarks. Things such as the heritage centre, stone circle and untouched lake leaves the whole areas 6000 years in the past in the Neolithic period way before civilisation came around. The park comes very reasonably priced only costing 5 Euros per adult and giving you full access to the entire park.

The nearest campsite to this is Adare Camping and Caravanning Park, which is also the same Adare Camping and Caravanning Park as mentioned above when describing King Johns Castle. This is a favourite for tourists for the amount of local attractions so remember to book in advance of visiting.

Drombeg Stone Circles

drombeg ireland motorhome - priory rentals

This is the Irish answer to Stonehenge and if anything sheds some light on the entire mystery behind Stonehenge, it would be these ruins. They’re very similar in design but differ in size and these ruins also hold some remains of a settlement and cook houses right next to the stones as well. Could you be the one to discover the mystery behind the stone circles?

There is a campsite called the meadows camping park, which is nothing but a short walk away from the ruins. It accepts motorhomes and has facilities such as wifi and electric hook-ups to be able to relax in comfort on your journey. It also tends to be fairly empty as it is in a remote location, however, we would still advise ringing up and booking ahead with your visit as every so often it can become very full. Especially in high season.

If these attractions interest you, then why not take a look at our motorhome page and plan your next get away?