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When it comes to making long journeys it can be very expensive, things like air, rail and road travel prices are crawling higher and higher and simply driving in your own car can cause many problems. Take a look at why you should take a hire car on your next long journey for comfort and cost efficiency.

Fuel Economy

Your personal car may be fuel-efficient and may be able to manage 50mpg. However, this is highly unlikely and the chances are your car is not going to be this fuel-efficient; so why not simply use a hire car and simply choose the more efficient option to be able to save yourself money? Priory rentals offers small city cars for hire if you’re needing a car in a more congested city or even medium sized fuel efficient cars if you’re simply driving abroad and needing a combination of fuel efficiency and comfort.

Car Size

Most cars/vans only sit 2 – 5 people, this could mean that with a full car, there simply is not enough room for luggage or maybe you are trying to bring more people along and need extra seats. This is where a hire car can be very handy for your journey, it will allow you some extra much needed room for luggage, pets or passengers and makes the whole ordeal a lot easier. This could even work in your favour by simply letting you bring more luggage than you would before to your holiday or destination, simply allowing you to have a more enjoyable experience when you finally reach where you are going.


When it comes to using your car, some people have concerns simply about the deterioration of their cars worth, this can include things like the grip on the tires, ware of the paint, oil changes, millage, ware tear and even the fear of reaching the point of having to change the timing belt. Having a hire car puts all of these stresses on our vehicles instead and allows you having to devalue your own vehicle. This in turn alleviates the stress of having to worry about this and you can simply get on with your trip.


If your car is on finance and you have to stay within a finance mileage limit then a hire car is great for long-term journeys. It saves the hassle of having to go over your limit and pay the different in millage and means that you can get to your destination just as easily. Well worth consideration if you have to travel for work or are simply considering driving abroad.


Some people may have an older and unreliable car, which is insensible to take on long journeys, simply as if the car were to break down a long distance away from home it could mean that you are stranded there until you can find another way to get home. Using a hire car means that you do not have to risk such a terrible and inconvenient situation.

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