Wales Motorhome Holidays

Priory Rentals knows that Wales is a country with an ever-growing population of tourists and domestic visitors who want to be able to make the most of the various aspects of the country. Wales itself has everything from beautiful rigid landscape, rolling coastline, impressive history and just about everything else you could love about a country.


The Welsh landscape diversifies significantly depending where you are in the country. The Northern and Central areas of Wales are heavily mountainous and famous for their winding country roads, where as the outskirts of the country are significantly easier to navigate and are made up of woodland and grassy plains.

This mountainous characteristic gives the country an array of attractions such as potholing and rock climbing whilst still being able to maintain a picturesque natural beauty. The mountainous nature of this country is even reinforced by the simple nickname of the valleys due to the sheer amount of winding roads and valleys within the northern regions.


The coastline of Wales is also famous due to its very diverse and varied nature, the northern regions of Wales hold huge sandy beaches filled with seaside picturesque villages, which are famous for family holidays and small retreats. Then there is the west coast that holds an array of small outcrop islands and sand dunes, this gives place to locations such as Shell Island, which sit on the small spits and are only accessible for a few hours every day.

Then finally, there is the south coast, which is home to a huge array of towns and cities, the south coast does not house anywhere near as much beaches as the other regions, however, it is home to the River Severn Estuary.

This wide array of coast types means that no matter your reason to love Wales, there is something for you. Everything from mountain biking in the sand dunes to a seaside holiday with the family is available in this amazing country.


Sports in Wales is mainly based around the popular sports of football and rugby, however with such a huge diversity in the population and a wide array of mountains and forest land, there are a wide range of more demanding sports that are common place in the country. Things like mountain biking, paragliding, rock climbing and potholing are all very popular sports that are widely available.

There is also a huge amount of water sports, which can be easily found throughout the country, white water rafting, canoeing, jet skiing and other similar sports can be found on the numerous Valley Rivers and lakes and can be great fun for the whole family.

Interesting Heritage

The heritage of Wales derives from Celtic origins and tribes who saw unity in a fight against roman rules. After Roman conquest and retreat there were the five main tribes who fought the British and even civil war as the tribes fought each other within the country of Wales. After this there were numerous battles, revolt and a huge array of castles and watchtowers places within the north of the country in a failed attempt to scare the hardly welsh populace.  It is this sort of rich history around the revolt, numerous battles and conquest that makes Welsh heritage one to be proud of and in turn gives the tourists a huge amount of history to encompass themselves within.

Driving a Motorhome in Wales

Driving a motorhome in Wales is one of the best possible locations you can take a motorhome, with the rolling hills and amazing valley roads and tight turns, there is an endless amount of fun to be had. However, one of the main things about welsh roads is simply the sheer amount of different routes you can take to get just about everywhere which makes every journey unique. With thousands of small valley lanes to be able to navigate, with the option of the motorways for the less confident, Wales truly does have one of the most interesting and thrilling road networks in the world.

Then there is the view from the roads, with hundreds of these roads taking you along mountainsides or overlooking valley lakes, the views are more often than not simply amazing and leave nothing to be desired.

If taking a motorhome to Wales is something that interests you then why not take a look through our range of motorhomes for hire to see if we have anything for you today.