Small Van Hire

Whether you’re looking to transport a washing machine or an average sized three seater settee our small vans are just what you’re looking for!

Our short wheel based (SWB) vans are perfect for moving slightly larger than normal items like beds, settees, or even filling with boxes during a house move.  Equally as good are our smaller “postman Pat” style vans, which you can easily fit a washer and dryer into, and you’ll find driving them a pleasure as it feels just like you’re in a normal car.

As with any space the amount you can fit into them all depends on how you stack your items.  If you are unsure of what you can fit into one of our vans, or just need advice on which van would we best for your needs don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Large Van Hire

If your needs require you to move something larger than average or you’re doing a house move and don’t have the confidence to drive a Luton Box Van these large vans are perfect!

We stock both long wheel based (LWB) and extra long wheel based (Ex LWB) vans.  They boast a floor span of 10ft to 14ft dependant on the size you hire and can fit anything from large settees, stand up fridge freezers to flat packed sheds and play centres.  As with the smaller vans they also have a low load height so there’s no need to worry about having to lift your items too far to put them in.

We also stock high top vans which are great for those items that require the extra height!

Mercedes LutonLuton Box Van Hire

Moving house? Need a tail lift to get a heavy item into a van?  Look no further!  Our Luton box vans all have tail lifts which are easy to use.

They can be driven under a normal licence and have three seats up front so you can be sure you can fit that extra pair of helping hands in for when you get to your destination.

They have a floor length of approximately 12ft and a height of approximately 7ft so can easily fit those large bulky items in which other smaller vans can’t handle.