Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is a time of year when the skies come alive with brilliant firework displays across the UK. If you’re an avid motorhome enthusiast looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate this dazzling event, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of the best venues to travel to by motorhome to witness spectacular firework displays. Get ready for an adventure filled with lights, bonfires, and enchanting moments by renting one of our motorhomes and visiting one of these suggested venues below.

When is Bonfire Night?

Remember, remember the fifth of November.
As suggested by the rhyme, Bonfire Night always falls on November 5. Some activities happen that day, but the majority happen on either next available weekend or the weekend before often depending on which weekend is closer to the night itself.

Why is it celebrated?

The custom of Bonfire Night dates back to 1605. Guy “Guy” Fawkes took part in the Gunpowder Plot on November 5. In an effort to cause a catastrophic explosion and assassinate King James I, 36 barrels of gunpowder were buried that day beneath the Houses of Parliament in London. Ever since the conspiracy failed, Britons have been reminded of this treasonous attempt.

Fireworks and Bonfire Events for 2023

Bonfire Night at The Hoe

The Hoe, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2PA
5th November
One of Devon’s most well-liked Bonfire Night celebrations is this one in Plymouth. There will likely be a huge bonfire, magnificent fireworks, amusement park attractions, and much more.
Suggested campsite: Plymouth Sound Club Campsite

Lyme Regis Firework and Bonfire Display

Front Beach, Lyme Regis, Dorset DT7 3JJ
4th November
Watch as fireworks illuminate the sky over Lyme Regis against the stunning background of The Cobb.
Suggested campsite: Charmouth Club Site

Chatworth House Bonfire and Fireworks Display

Chatsworth House, Bakewell DE45 1PP
27th October and 28th October
Experience a memorable family-friendly evening at Chatsworth House with delicious holiday fare and beverages, a bonfire, and amazing fireworks!
Suggested campsite: Chatsworth Park Club Campsite

people watching a fireworks and bonfire display

Alton Towers Fireworks Display

Alton Towers Resort, Alton, Staffordshire, ST10 4DB
3rd November, 4th November and 5th November
Families are invited to Alton Towers every year for a day of thrill-seeking and an evening of breathtaking fireworks. You may ride the rollercoasters in the dark for a scary experience because the theme park stays open late for the fireworks! One of the most well-liked fireworks displays in the UK is held during the weekend closest to Bonfire Night. Visit the Alton Towers website to learn more.
Suggested campsite: Lower Micklin Touring Park

Celebrate Bonfire Night in style this year by traveling in one of our motorhomes to one of these fantastic venues. Whether you prefer the bright lights of the city or the serenity of the countryside, there’s a bonfire and fireworks display waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance to combine the excitement of the holiday with the freedom and comfort of motorhome travel.