pet friendly motorhomes

Here at Priory Rentals, we love pets (Dog, Cat and other), which is why we have pet friendly motorhomes for hire.  If you are already a customer of ours you would have already met our in-house pooch Daisy who is very happy to provide a sniff inspection of all our customers, generally before they even make it into the rental office!

Just like Daisy who travels to work with her “mum” every day, lots of people are now wanting to take their dogs on holiday with them, whether to Europe or to a campsite in Devon.  At Priory we want everyone to have the opportunity to take their faithful pet with them if they wish.

If you do wish to take a dog or pet with you on your travels please note the following terms and conditions in addition to our regular terms:

  • Pet Friendly Motorhome Hire

    • There is a small charge of £40 for each pet per hire.
    • No more than two pets per Motorhome.
    • Please keep pets off all of the soft furnishings.
    • Please do not leave the pet, especially dogs, unattended in the Motorhome.
    • Please ensure all pets are secured during transit.
  • Pet Friendly Car & Campervan Hire

    • Please advise staff if you will be taking a pet in a vehicle with you.
    • Please ensure your pet is secured during transit.
    • Please ensure the vehicle is fully valeted before it is returned to us.
    • Vehicles which have not been cleaned to an approved standard will be subject to a £40.00 valeting charge.