Yorkshire landscape

Priory Rentals have put the war of the roses well and truly to rest as we’re perfectly happy to arrange for Motorhome Hire in Yorkshire from either our Lancashire or Cheshire offices. The pull of the Yorkshire Dales has been too tempting for many of our clients and the Yorkshire countryside is one of the most popular UK destinations for motorhome holidays.

There are so many different attractions in Yorkshire that are so untapped by the general public and are perfect for motorhomes to be able to visit and stay the night there before travelling to a similar site. Ranging from a little known myth and legend to a wide array of history and heritage. This area has something for everyone no matter what age or interests.

yorkshire history

History and Heritage

The heritage of Yorkshire means a lot to the local people as you can see simply by looking around its small towns, all the structures are built of sandstone and they have reminders of the ancestral past scattered about the smaller hamlets. A prime example would be Fountains abbey in the Studley Park area of Yorkshire. this small retreat is hidden away from the average traveller, but once revealed is a thing of true beauty. located not too far from the Motorhome site of “Woodhouse Farm Caravan Club” it would be the perfect place to visit on holiday in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Countryside

It doesn’t get more wooded than the infamous Sherwood Forest, home to the legend of Robin Hood and his merry men, it’s a day out for the whole family. be that on a long walks, mountain biking, horse riding or just to lay down and relax in the comfort of the wooded outdoors. located not too far from Mansfield it is reasonably easily accessible, even sign posted for a fair distance before it is reached.

The Yorkshire coves are a wonderful place to visit. Firstly, Malham Cove and Gordale Scar. these are some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. getting up on a brisk morning with the mist still out on the moors and heading for these sites is truly, in my opinion a breath taking, worthwhile pleasure. Simply gazing at the sheer size and colossal nature of the battered cliff face, it’s a truly mesmerising experience.

Myth and Legends from Yorkshire

Janet’s Foss is one of the most interesting myths of Yorkshire. Just upstream from Malham Cove Janet’s Foss is a water fall surrounded in shroud and myth. The Legend has it, that Janet fell down the cave into a queen of the pixies lair. Now Janet is said to be immortal and Living behind the caves stony exterior forever. There is a camp site that is Motorhome friendly just a short walk away in Gordale, making it a perfect place to visit.


This is just scratching the interesting and deep surface or the Yorkshire countryside. However, in the cold and brutal weather of the Yorkshire county, even in summer Motorhomes are the best way to travel to see the sites. You can get through so much more in a day, as you are more mobile to just get up and go in the morning. Without packing up all your things into tight little incontinent  bags. Without packing up your tent after you have waited so long for it to dry. Without being freezing in the night. If you’re going to explore Yorkshire do it right.

For motorhome hire in Yorkshire contact us and arrange to hire a van from one of our local offices.