There’s something life affirming about camping. Spending time outside the usual four walls, shielded from the elements in a mobile shelter with nature all around you. Your choice of mobile shelter however, defines the kind of camping experience you’ll have. Where once there were only tents, there are now motorhomes for hire and of course, caravans somewhere in between (if you really must). Pitching a canvas dome in the mud and sleeping on the ground is still something you can do if you’re into that sort of thing, but for a more civilised way to truly enjoy (rather than merely tolerate) your time spend camping, the modern way to do it is in a luxury motorhome.


Camping in a Tent Vs. Motorhome Camping

Why Motorhome camping is better than camping in a tent

For the most part, motorhome camping is infinitely and obviously superior to camping in a tent, but in case you needed convincing, or you have some relatives trying to persuade you that slumming it beneath canvas is a better experience, here are some the reasons why they’re wrong!


  • The more you take the more miserable your trip – Unless your car is massive, chances are that your tent and your camping supplies are going to need more space than your boot allows. Than means miles and miles of your passengers sitting awkwardly with a camping chair in their face and a stove on their knee.
  • Missing Tent Pegs – One of the many traditions of camping in a tent involves remembering to bring the tent but forgetting the tent pegs (and then having a row over who didn’t check they weren’t there). If you’d prefer to set aside this particular part of a camping holiday (along with whittling replacements from bits of tree), you might opt for a camping experience without tentpegs, guideropes to trip you up, or slanging matches.
  • No fun in the cold weather – Camping in a tent during the summer is tolerable, camping in the winter, however, is thoroughly miserable. They might be better if there was a central heating system and proper insulation to keep you toasty in the cold. Or other creature comforts like a shower, a toilet a proper bed and a TV. Alternatively, you might as well get a motorhome where all of that comes as standard.
  • Did you know a 2 man tent sleeps 50? – Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but whether you like it or not, no matter how carefully you close the zips behind you, you’re going to be sharing your tent with uninvited guests. From creepy crawlies, flying bitey things and all things that hop or slither, tents seem like magnets to the local wildlife.
  • Security – Have you ever tried locking a tent? Of course not, there’s literally no point at all. if you head off for the day, or even for an hour or two, your valuables are easy pickings for the passing sticky fingered opportunist. if, however, you’d quite like to keep hold of your belongings, then perhaps something with lockable doors and an alarm might suit you better?
  • ‘Hygiene’ is More Than Just a Greeting – If you love the way a campsite latrine smells the week before its annual clean, or you want to see how long you can put up with smelling like a badger’s armpit before resorting to the campsite’s grim shower block, then by all means, don’t allow yourself to be tempted by the modern, clean and private facilities in a motorhome.
  • Remember Sleep? – Anyone who’s tried to sleep in a tent will no doubt know the struggle of trying to find a bit of ground where there isn’t a rock trying to embed itself in your spine all night, the dread which comes from hearing absolutely everything snuffling around your tent at 2am and that ‘perma-tired’ feeling from getting no quality sleep at all.
  • Want to charge your phone? Too Bad! – Remember the time you bought the power bank with a solar panel so that you could charge your phone even while camping? Such a great idea until you realise that it generates almost no charge at all and leaves you either rationing your remaining battery, or running out completely and being forced to live without social media or selfies like it’s the stone age. Did we mention motorhomes have plug sockets?
  • Going home is just as awful – After a camping trip under canvas and you’re looking forward to returninf to civilisation, but first, that soggy tebnt has to be taken down and all your filthy gear stuffed back into the car, where it will once again be cramping your passengers, but this time i’ll smell far worse. But still, you’ve got all the airing and cleanig to look forward to when you get home!


Motorhome Camping – Practically Perfect in Every Way

While there are those who insist on re-enacting scenes from history, your holidays should be a time to enjoy yourself, not spend time slumming it in a field hating every moment you’re there. Thankfully, motorhome camping allows you the perfect way to get out into nature and enjoy camping the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Contact us to arrange a modern, comfortable and fully equipped motorhome for your next camping trip and consign the misery of camping in a tent to the history books where it belongs!